Attack on Titan is getting a Hollywood remake at Warner Bros!


‘Attack on Titan’, a giant Japanese manga series is getting a movie remake. Warner brothers are negotiating for the rights to make ‘Attack on Titan’ a live-action adaptation of the series in Hollywood style.

Started in 2009, the series is a huge commercial and critical success with 27 volumes released already by the end of December 2018. It is a massive international hit by Hajime Isayama. Given the huge craze for the series, it makes sense to give it a shot as a Hollywood remake.

The storyline of the series has been set before a hundred years where mankind used to live behind huge walls to protect themselves from the giant humanoid characters called Titans. Everything changes when Titans invade the district taking over the human world.

Attack on Titan Manga

This massive Magna series has already got a two-part Japanese movie adaptation released in 2015 which was again a big hit. Both the movies were released with only one month gap in between and did great business. Now the series is getting a big screen adaptation in the western style.

The attack on Titan manga series is huge and wrapping everything under a movie is a big challenge accepted by none other than Andy Muschietti (best known as the director of ‘it’ movie). Andy has been confirmed as a director for the remake of the anime series.

To get it a Hollywood touch, the movie will be produced under David Heyman, the producer of Harry Potter. Having Heyman and Muschietti as producer and director, the hopes from this remake are getting high.

The anime series is very popular in Japan having a crazy fan following. It will be interesting to see how it will work for the audience of other countries as a Hollywood movie. Fans all over the world are waiting eagerly for it.

Till now the makers are searching for writers. Once the script is ready, production work will start at the end of the year.  As per the sources, the movie might hit the floor in the first quarter of 2021. There is no word about the star-cast as of now.

As per the sources, there are some issues the movie is facing. It is quite hard, to sum up such massive series in a two hours movie. Again the story demands extreme violent scenes which might not be suitable to show on the big screen for certain set of audience. Let us see how the makers will take care of the issues. Let us know your thoughts down below.


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