The Bachelorette Spoilers: Hannah Brown has found her soulmate

The Bachelorette Spoilers

Yes, you read that right! The former beauty queen of Alabama, Hannah Brown has finally chosen her better half.

People are caught up with the current season of ‘The Bachelorette’ which is about to end with the lead star Hannah Brown choosing her would be husband. Fans have been watching it closely and predicting the bachelor of the season who will become Brown’s husband.   

Reality Steve, the man who is an encyclopedia of the Bachelorette has again posted some spoilers for this season recently. Though the guy is not always right somehow he knows things and most of the times his predictions come true.

This season of Bachelorette was crazy and there has been a lot of speculations happening about who would steal Hannah’s heart. Do you want to know who the lucky guy is? Well if it is hard for you to wait till the finale to know Hannah’s choice then do not worry! We are going to tell you about the winner of the season in this post. Read at your own risk as we are going to give you huge spoilers of ‘The Bachelorette’.

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We will tell you about the final contenders and also the one who has got engaged to Hannah Brown.

There were expectations that she might be choosing Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt at the end but seems like this is not what happened. Last weekend the two guys spotted partying with some friends where Brown was not invited. The absence of Hannah with them clearly hints that both of the bachelors are single.

Now Steve is telling the fans that Tyler and Jed are the two final bachelors who will make it to the finale. Further, he said that Hannah has chosen Tyler Cameron, one of her frontrunners as her would be husband and now they are engaged.

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So, who is Tyler C.?

He is a football player and a model. We have seen him going out on a one-on-one date with Hannah recently. He is 26 as per his facebook profile, elder than Hannah. As per his bachelorette profile, he likes spending time with family, hit joy, and he loves to dance.  

Brown and Cameron seem to have a good connection, especially physical connection. The pictures from their hometown date clearly show what is cooking around.

Cameron has dazzled Hannah in a very short period of time to the extent that he is engaged to her now.  

For us, he seems like a good choice for her. Even if we do not know much about him, he would be better than Luke Parker who has been sent home for slut-shaming Brown on such a big show.

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For more spoilers on the show, keep reading our blog!

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