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More companies are adopting the use of video productions to promote themselves these days. According to Statista, more than 85% of the internet users in the US watch video contents monthly. You know what that number can do for your business if you’re among those companies that produce video contents? Not just that, some research also shows that consumers loves to view more video contents from the brand they are supporting or love. Video experts at Spiel, claim that well optimized videos for ads generate more sales than text.

The business world today is very competitive, as everyone wants to outsmart their competitors. The key is to use an excellent marketing strategy to secure your clientele. Good news is that not many brands are adopting the video contents yet, and this is an edge for you to gain dominance into the already very competitive market.

Sales are the powerhouse of every businesses or companies, and to make massive sales, you need to be doing something right. It is good to have great product or services, but if your marketing strategy is not sound, your competitors would be outperforming you. These days, people don’t just sell their products; they sell their brands as well. This is because, the product is generic (which can be gotten elsewhere, probably from your competitors), but the brand is unique. When your brand is trusted by so many, they would bring out their wallets to patronize you without minding the cost. The question now is, ‘how can I build a trusted brand?’

One of the most effective methods of building a trusted brand is by telling stories and telling them in an extraordinary ways. You can do this by creating mind-blowing visual contents. Video production companies like Spiel Creativeand others with track records of working with top brands in the world have proven that video is the fastest method to win the heart of your audience.

A lot of businesses are exploring the use of video production to build their brand awareness. But, it’s not about making any video; you have to employ the best services. Before we go on, let us look at the meaning of video production and the benefits your business stands to gain through video production.

What Is Video Production?

Video production is the use of video content to promote your business/brand. Video content could be a brief video explaining what your brand is about, or the following;

  • Short films
  • Videos for training
  • Corporate videos
  • Social media videos
  • Practical videos

Benefits of Video Production to Your Business/Brand

#1. Visibility

A survey showed that over 50% of people spend time on the internet everyday watching videos. This statistics shows that your brand would receive a lot of visibility with quality video content. Nobody loves a boring long text, but when you hire a video production company to convert that same text to video content, BOOM, it becomes a winning content.

#2. Easy communication

Videos are a sure way of communicating easily with people due to how conversational and engaging they are. Most times, people prefer watching videos to reading long ‘About’ or ‘How-tos’.

A good video content would enhance communication with potential clients and give them the information they need. They also have the opportunity to meet who’s behind the company and what the company stands for.

#3. Affiliate sales

Posting video contents on your brand websites can earn you more money through ads. You can arrange a contract with Amazon or any online market and earn commission on sales. 

All these benefits will only be possible if you have an excellent video content. We would now look at the best video production company that will give you the services you crave.

Qualities of the Best Video Production Company 

Now we’ve know the benefits of using videos for your marketing, it is also important to do due diligence when hiring a video production company that would create these videos for you. Most people tend to ignore these facts, and they end up being disappointed, or having their expectations not met.

A quality video production company should able to identify their customers’ needs, and the best video strategy that would suit their purpose. Their job is to first understand your use for the video, then can know how to help you better. Every video has its purpose; such as for brand awareness, video sales letter, storytelling, product launching etc. You create video contents based on its purpose, and not just for generic usage. When you carefully plan a video, and its objectives, it would be easier to create great video content.

Your video production company should be able to produce video contents in various forms such as;

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • 360 degrees videos 
  • Cartoon animation,
  • Illustration videos
  • Motion graphics
  • Etc.

Some other factors are:

Price – Quality and quantity don’t come along. However, while some company’s pricing is at a cut-throat rate, it does not necessarily mean that they are the best in the industry. However, don’t still settle for cheap. There are companies that offer quality video production at a reasonable price that would be within your budget. If you don’t know one, I can recommend Spiel Creatives.

Social Proof – This is another important aspect when you want to hire a video production company. All of them claim to be experts, but only few of them can boast of social proof. Check their portfolios and see their past jobs. You can check if they’ve done jobs that are related to your niche or job description, that way you can know what to expect. Another thing is to read their customers’ reviews, it would tell you so much on what you need to know.

Trust Factor – Don’t lose your money to the wrong person. There are scammers and fraudsters on the internet looking for whom to rip-off their hard earned money. Take time to inspect the company to confirm their authenticity. You can do this by checking third-party websites that confirms the legitimacy of a website. Another method is by the numbers of top brands they have worked with, and try verifying it they are legit or not. You can check their social media handles to get this info.


Anyone can create video, but only experts can create videos that would stand-out. Start implementing video as part of your marketing plan in 2021, and your growth would be limitless.

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