The Changing Face of Tourism: After Coronavirus Pandemic

There have been numerous catastrophic events since life initiated on earth. Once in every decade, humans have witnessed large-scale destruction like the world war, Spanish flu, to name a few. The coronavirus pandemic is another instance that has devastated the global economy.  with this, many countries are undergoing a period of economic recession. As we closed borders, canceled mass events, and self quarantined amidst the imposition of global lockdown, the travel industry has been inflicted with a deep wound.

Human beings by nature are interested, and in our quest to explore new places and people, we travel. Traveling is an essential human activity as it is crucial for boosting mental health and personal growth. It increases self-happiness and improves focus and attention. Post pandemic travel may become quite expensive because of fewer passengers in airlines and other modes of travel. Yet, proper planning and management can lead to cost-effective and relishing travel experiences. London is one place where you can look for a travel plan. Since standard protocols are being followed at every step, it is safe and secure to visit this city. Besides, you can ensure proper planning for the luggage storage also. The luggage storage st Pancras can be the best option if you plan to travel to London anytime now. 

Since after the pandemic, people’s perceptions and traveling has become selective with hotels and tourist hotspots. Seeming less attractive, airlines and hotels have increased their prices due to the inclusion of ‘hygiene tax.’ It has become essential to be informed about the changing rules and how a simple trip can be made more pocket friendly and enjoyable.

Here are a few suggestions to ease travel and make it affordable for you.

  • Use the cashless mode of payment – As much as possible, use cashless payment options either through a mobile application or even by using Oliver cards in Europe, which are accepted by the London tube and buses. It will not only facilitate quicker means of transport but even save time. Also, being contactless is the new normal that is guiding the world right now.
  • Luggage storage facilities – After the pandemic, excessive sanitization and reduced number of tourists have raised the cost of staying in hotels. It can be reduced by making use of luggage storage options; these facilities reduce the need to carry your entire luggage across the travel, as it’s much better to keep your luggage in luggage storage like at luggage storage St Pancras, London. Such facilities are available near most tourist destinations like London central, London eye, etc. After stowing your luggage at such luggage storage, you can enjoy the metropolis’s nightlife and even reduce the cost of repeated travels back to the hotel. As most tourist destinations may be far off from the hotel and returning to the hotel with expensive conveyance facilities may cost you more, like most taxis in London ask for payment through a Credit card.
  • Know the travel rules and entry requirements for your destination – several countries have started to open up for travel following all the safety norms and even bringing up tourist packages at affordable prices but with a new set of rules. These rules are one such step to ensure your safety and hygiene.
  • Travel insurance – Since the pandemic caused a large-scale cancellation of flights, tours, hotels, etc. New types of travel insurance with epidemic coverage have become a necessity. They ensure your safety on every term and at every stage of travel.
  • Packing – Even stricter hygiene protocols are followed. Some essential goods like reusable and disposable masks and gloves make contactless interactions with the people at shops and places of mass accumulation to avoid contact with symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID -19 affected people.
  • Bookings – Since online booking of tickets is a part of the new ‘normal’ for theatres, temples, museums, monuments, etc. It facilitates a contactless experience, and reviews on booking sites will help you make an informed decision. It will even prevent crowding of places allowing entry to a limited number of tourists, mandatory for social distancing. Similarly, you can also book your space in advance, with luggage storage St Pancras, London. It will ensure that when you arrive, you have a secure place for storing your bags.

New sanitization rules have been adopted across the globe, even at thickly populated tourist hotspots. Temperature checks, mandatory masks, hands and shoe sanitization, pre-bookings, and proper planning will ease travel. since luggage can be easily sanitized, affordable Luggage storage facilities will be a preferable option than a hotel stay. It will save money and travel time. This time can be utilized to explore new places as the safety norms follow up will increase the preparation time. Still, a limited number of tourists will prevent thronging and enhance the journey experience.

Since exploring is a human tendency, we will continue to travel but with a new vision and new duties, making it sustainable and green travel and reducing the carbon footprint as even climate change can bring about a new set of surprises. We need to be cautious and well planned as traveling is a part of life and an essential human activity. 

The tourism industry has undergone some drastic changes with the onset of the pandemic, and this shall continue for the times to come until we find a concrete solution. But this could not stop life and travel. Things are slowly going back to the place, and so is the travel industry. With more caution, we have to carry more belongings and essentials certainly. And it is not possible to take the hefty bags everywhere and every time. Going for such options as luggage storage St Pancras can sort you out. Plus, they give you small package essentials also that can be carried along with the travel. Within these small pouches, you can carry masks, sanitizers, and other requirements. This will ensure that you have the required things with you.

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I hope that these tips may make your travel even more affordable and comfortable.

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