The Details Of EPF Withdrawal Filling PF Form To Get Claim Online

The Details Of EPF Withdrawal Filling PF Form To Get Claim Online

The Employee Provident Fund is the scheme for the benefit of employees and is initiated by the government. It is formed based on the Employee Provident Fund Act. According to this, your employer shall contribute a specific amount of each mother to your account. It helps you to build up a sum for your post-retirement life as it is a monthly payment. Your PF amount may vary as per the organization you work, in case of change. But the consolidated EPF account is identified as the UAN (Universal Account Number) will remain the same. This UAN having 12 digits is very helpful and used to check your PF details. If you have any doubts about your EPF balance or any other details, you can use the EPFO e-SEWA portal, mobile app, and SMS by logging in using your UAN. EPF Withdrawal Status Online becomes easy using your UAN.

During the situation of emergencies, such as hospitalization, education, wedding, accidents, home renovation or any such situation, you may need money instantly. It would create a lot of anxiety for you. But you can have the solution in your EPF. You can withdraw funds from your PF either in full or in part, instead of taking a loan. You need to keep your UAN with you to start the withdrawal process. The EPF Withdrawal process can be done online by following the below steps. This will relieve you from the concern of How To Withdraw PF Amount Online

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Procedure To Withdraw

You can visit the EPFO e-SEWA portal and log into it with your UAN and the password. Check if you have updated and linked the Aadhar number to your UAN. Later, click on the ‘online services’ tab on the UAN dashboard and then click on ‘Claim Form-31, 19 & 10C. Later, select the ‘Withdrawal Type’. The next step is – to choose from options such as full withdrawal, partial withdrawal or pension withdrawal in the menu ‘I want to apply for’. This completes the process of applying for the withdrawal.

Approval Claim 

Once you have completed the application, your claim is forwarded to your employer for approval. As soon as the claim is approved by your employer, the PF amount will be credited into your savings account that is linked with your EPF account. This completes the approval process and now you have your PF money for your desired needs. Thus the withdrawal process has become very simple and easy due to this online option.

This information given above has enlightened you with the knowledge of how to withdraw your PF amount; you can utilize it whenever you need money for some personal liabilities. You will not face any trouble if you follow the procedure properly. It is quite convenient and comfortable to proceed online for this purpose. The online process eliminates the need to contact your employer or fill the paperwork manually. The duration of the approval of the entire process may take about 10 days or a little more. Then you will have your money in your hands.

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