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Earlier this week, the developer of Bulletstorm, People Can Fly, presented a new trailer for his science fiction cooperative Outriders, and now, as promised, he has shared a selection of game details and videos as part of the long half-hour Live revelation.

On a fundamental level, perhaps it was not the most revealing revelation for Outriders, and it was shown that little really distinguishes it from its peers; It is a "dark" third-party cover-based shooting game set in a "brutal nightmare world" that meets all the usual requirements of lite-RPG in terms of classes, skill trees, customization and loot-based acquisition in oddities. However, that does not mean it is a failure; It seems to have an interesting premise, a beautiful and surprisingly diverse planet to explore, and, of course, the undeniable experience of People Can Fly when it comes to shooting.

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Breaking down all that, Outriders tells the story of a group of mercenaries charged with exploring Enoch, a lush virgin planet chosen to be the site of a new human colonization effort. However, shortly after landing, the group finds a mysterious signal and, when trying to trace its origin, encounters a devastating storm known as Anomaly. To escape its effects, the Outriders retreat to the cryogenic dream, waking up 30 years later to an almost unrecognizable world.

The war has broken out, the flora and fauna have evolved to mortal levels, and all the Outriders' DNA has been rebuilt, turning them into humans with superpowers known as the Altered.

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What follows is a continuous search to locate the source of the still detectable signal, one that sees players, either alone or in cooperative teams of up to three, traveling through Enoch "to the edge of civilization and beyond ". From the war zone devoid of technology that opens the game, players explore the world as part of a convoy, switching from one central area to another (the developer emphasizes that it is not an open world game), leaving various biomes, from shanty town and desolate cities, to autumnal swamps and lush jungles, even deserts and mountains.

The hubs, like Rift Town seen in the live broadcast, generally serve as small foci of civilization, giving players the opportunity to slow down, explore and begin to unravel the mysteries of Enoch. They provide the opportunity to embark on side missions and help the NPCs with their stories, buy new unique equipment, loot and modifications, or sell them as scrap metal, repair equipment, even sit around the campfire and share stories about the Earth. And when you're ready to move, it will open a completely new area adjacent to its center, which will then be unlocked for future quick trips.

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By the way, players can use an existing character or create their own from scratch using the Outriders character creator, and as the story progresses, more and more customization opportunities will appear. A good touch sees players capable of customizing (although not driving directly) their convoy trucks, adjusting paint jobs, front bumpers, chassis, wheel covers, etc., with each team member capable of displaying their own designs during The cooperative game. It is even possible to glue the heads of beasts killed to the hood if that is your idea of ​​fun.

Meanwhile, weapons will evolve from the standard ballistic artillery obtained from the War Zone at the beginning of the game, where Anomaly turns off advanced technology, to increasingly strange weapons as players venture further away from civilization.

More conventionally, progress awards points that can be spent on leveling up through skill trees. The player can choose to prioritize weapons over abilities or vice versa; They can improve speed, health, damage and more as they gradually adapt their favorite end-of-game construction, with each class having their own separate skill tree.

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Speaking of which, Outriders presents four distinct and super powerful classes, with three revealed so far. The Pyromancer can manipulate explosive volcanic energy and conjure walls of devastating flames, while the cunning Trickster can manipulate the structure of time and space, using objects such as soap operas and teleportation, to quickly knock down enemies from behind. Finally, there is the Devastator, capable of invoking the powers of the earth: summoning almost impenetrable earthquakes or armor to deliver brute force, close and personal attacks.

Accompanying these first details there is a selection of new videos, which combine gameplay, kinematics and footage in the game, all of which are scattered throughout this page. Needless to say, there will probably be a lot more where they came from as the "2020 vacation" release of Outriders on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC approaches.


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