The engineering and design of Tesla Cybertruck can be great.


Trust me, you're not the only person who keeps looking Tesla Cybertruck and wondering how or why it looks the way it does. Well, there is a good reason behind this, if Sandy Munro's analysis is true.

Munro is the man when it comes to engineering and lean manufacturing and has extensive experience in finding a way to reduce costs when it comes to building almost anything. He has talked about Tesla often in the past, and showed up at Autoline After Hours this Thursday to give information about the Cybertruck.

Of course, Munro has not seen the truck in person and is not familiar with Tesla's marketing plans or anything like that. However, from the outside looking in, you can detect the strategy that Tesla seems excited about his electric van.

To give us a good contrast, Munro looked at the Cybertruck at 50,000 units per year, and compared it with a traditional van like the F-150, also at 50,000 units per year. Tesla's secret sauce is the fact that it seems that the truck's exoskeleton also acts as the panels of its body. Therefore, all the stiffness and resistance that the collection needs comes from everything you are seeing, and it only needs welding and assembly. The fact that there is no paint involved, only stainless steel, is also a great cost savings, according to Munro.

Compared to a truck that requires paint and other parents, Tesla's manufacturing capital expenditure is presumably much cheaper. As in, Munroe thinks capital spending would be about $ 30 million … to build a van. That is a frankly incredible figure. An F-150 to 50,000 units per year is more like $ 210 million.

Of course, no other car manufacturer could be equipped for the sale of 50,000-unit vans, so the economy of scale is a factor when we talk about the more than 700,000 F-150s sold last year. But for a company like Tesla, this kind of scenario makes a lot of sense.

It is certainly worth listening to all of Munro's ideas: he even talks about breaking infamous windows – So press play in the video above.

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