The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Valentine's Day video brings romantic cast advice


Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan have provided some tips for Valentine's Day from the set of The hawk and the winter soldier. Stan and Mackie are currently working on the Disney + series, which is ready to debut this summer. However, today is a special day for many people who will go out with their friends or other important people, and Stan, along with Mackie, believe they have some tips to help make the day a little quieter.

"This Valentine's Day, here are a couple of things from a couple of guys," says Sebastian Stan to start the video message. It seems that he and Anthony Mackie are about to set some basic rules for the day. Mackie intervenes and says: "Rule one: always make sure you give a gift instead of receiving it. That makes you a good person." Stan enters with the following very important rule. Stans states: "Rule two: be yourself. Always and forever. With anyone and everyone."

This is when Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie seem to disagree about the importance of their respective rules. "Always, always remember number one," Mackie added. "Always keep in mind number two," Stan reminds the audience. "Number two also has a heart," Mackie finally admits. "At the end of the day, it takes two to do things right," Stan jokes while turning off his video. However, just before it stops, you can hear it say "f ** k". The two seem to have been created by Marvel Studios or Disney to deliver their Valentine's message to the masses.

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Valentine's day is not for everyone, even for married couples. For many, it is a Hallmark holiday that only includes restaurants and bars that are not crowded, while having to buy gifts for their respective loved ones. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are currently filming The hawk and the winter soldier and they probably have no interest in the day, or maybe they have it. Who knows? Anyway, they are ready to do the show so we can all see it on time in August. Stan and Mackie are now spending time to please the rabid MCU fan base.

The hawk and the winter soldier It's just one of the many Marvel shows that will arrive at Disney + in the coming months. In the fall, WandaVision will be released, and then in the spring of 2021, the Loki the series arrives What happens if …?, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She hulkand a possible Secret wars The series are on the way. While Disney + and Chill do not have the same sound as Netflix and Chill, they are working to get more content that allows the chill of Valentine's Day to diminish. For now, we'll just have to settle for Netflix. You can see The hawk and the winter soldier Valentine's message below, thanks to Sebastian Stan's Instagram account.

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