The improved Voxi SIM data only offers of £ 10 per month are coming to an end very soon


Voxi's latest promotion, like his television show's counterpart, Love Island, will come to an end very soon. With an end date set on February 19, it will now be time to launch one of these popular SIM offers.

So what do you really get with a Voxi SIM? That end date simply highlights the end of the Voxi data increases. With its 6 GB plan currently in 8 GB and its option of 15 GB up to 20 GB.

While that increase in data is obviously a welcome bonus, the real victory with Voxi is two-part. First, the network offers unlimited social networks, so you'll never be charged for using Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many other platforms.

Second, Voxi operates with continuous 1-month contracts so you can stay forever or leave immediately. All these factors come together to make Voxi a strong competitor in the world of SIM offers only.

However, the market is highly competitive at the moment and a network has intensified to offer Voxi – Smarty Mobile particularly strong competition. Scroll down for more information on what is available in both Voxi and Smarty.

Voxi only SIM plan The | 1 month rolling | 6GB 8GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 10 per month
The cheapest of the two options, this is an excellent price for 8GB of data. And, with Voxi's 1-month continuous contracts, you don't have to worry about getting caught in a long contract. While 8 GB of data may not be enough for some people, unlimited use of social networks helps balance that.
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Voxi only SIM plan The | 1 month rolling | 15GB 20GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 15 per month
Jump for five years a month and you will get an impressive increase in your data limit. A considerable amount of 20 GB of data combined with unlimited Voxi social networks should mean that you have no trouble staying in the middle of the month. If you need a little more data, this is one of the best prices at this data point.
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Smarty's competitive SIM only addresses:

Smarty Mobile is in many ways very similar to Voxi. Both offer continuous 1-month contracts, both are affordable, but Smarty has that extra information to take the win over social media addicts.

For £ 10 a month, Smarty will get 30 GB of data. That is a great boost to Voxi's previous and allows you to connect. Increase up to £ 15 a month and you will see your data go up to 50 GB.


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