The new Black Widow trailer discredits the popular theory of the task master


Marvel released a new trailer for Black widow this Monday morning, and I think we can all agree that it offers the most exciting aspect of ScarJo's next solo MCU adventure we've had so far. The breakthrough focused on building the connection between Natasha Romanoff and her Russian family, and in doing so, she seems to have categorically demonstrated that one of them is innocent of being the great evil of the film.

Based on the mysterious representation of Taskmaster in previous trailers, a popular fan theory developed that pointed out that Rachel Weisz's Melina was secretly the one under the skull-shaped metal mask. However, there is a clip that can be lost in this new development that disapproves this theory once and for all.

This breakthrough offers a new vision of what will likely be an exciting sequence of action that involves Nat, his allies and his enemies skydiving along with lots of falling debris. As noted by Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic, a clip shows Melina flying a helicopter during this sequence. As other images make it clear that Taskmaster is fighting Nat in the air at this stage, it is clear that Melina is not Taskmaster, after all.

This is not so surprising, since the rumors that precede Melina's theory certainly indicate the real secret identity of the villain, which this trailer reveals is in charge of the Red Room and the Black Widow program. It is believed that the O-T Fagbenle Mason is the real culprit, which fits with how he has been kept out of marketing so far. Except for the new poster that debuted with today's latest trailer.

However, it is not that this frees Melina completely. Emojis specially created for the film have revealed that Melina's last name is Vostokoff. This tells us that the character is an adaptation of the supervillain of the same name, aka Iron Maiden, from the comics. So it seems that there will be some kind of betrayal in the letters, it simply isn't her under the helmet of Taskmaster.

Capture Black widow in cinemas as of May 1.


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