The next Spider-Man MCU crossover has been revealed


It is possible that the ink has only dried in the new agreement that will allow Spiderman to remain part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after much discussion between Marvel Studios and Sony about how to better share the hero in the future, but we already know that we expect a third independent adventure for Peter Parker of Tom Holland to arrive in the summer of 2021

However, being MCU, a franchise that has worked so well because its interconnected stories are planned years in advance, there is no doubt in our minds that Kevin Feige already knows where he will take the character after Spiderman 3. In fact, from everything we've heard in recent months, Spidey seems to be a key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time now and we can know the next big cross event in which he will participate.

Arriving on Twitter last month, the trusted Daniel RPK shared the following Tweet, which tells us that if your information is correct, Peter Parker could appear on Captain Marvel 2.

Of course, this has not yet been confirmed by Marvel, but again, Daniel RPK has one of the best records in the industry when it comes to firsts and, in addition, this is not the first time we have heard of Spidey. Join Carol Danvers on her next solo adventure. The part about Captain Marvel 2 The adaptation of "Secret Invasion" is also verified with much of what we have been hearing.

However, whether this works or not, you can bet that Feige has some interesting plans for the Holland wall tracker now that he has it under his roof again. And since our own sources have told us that the current agreement is likely to be extended in 2022, it seems that fans of Spiderman You don't have to worry about the hero leaving the MCU in the short term.


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