The real housewives of Beverly Hills Season: Runway Success

Indeed, it was really a long time since we have been so excited about the premier episode of this Real Housewives franchise. After a lot of seasons when we witnessed the rich women doing things yet delivering us nothing, it seems as if we are expecting to see those rich women doing everything this season.

Everything spontaneously starts going downwards in the last seconds of the episode of The real housewives of Beverly Hills Season. As the Kyle Richards amateur small courtyard fashion show started coming to an end at the New York Fashion week, we did see that all of the women walked in the show showcasing the Kyle’s Kreations which was nothing but a fusion of bright colors, muumuus, nautical themed prints, leotards and silk robes. One of the most lucrative dresses that was put up herein was none other than that of the one with a bodice that was made of the seashell-shaped decorative soaps. 

The real housewives of Beverly Hills Season: Production involves more of the characters

Kyle, in a voice-over said that they have been really happy that day. They were even told that Denise syopled to film with the group in the month of December and it would go on since NYFW in the early September. Now, the storyline will continue so as to find out the lie that Denise had been hiding. He also said that it seemed as if something was actually going wrong with the relationship as she was being alleged about having a relationship with Brandi Glanville. 

We also saw how Denise was talking to her husband, Aaron and saying that they have been on the camera. She even insisted that he doesn’t talk about anything. In order to control the situation, she used a tactic that any other housewife would also do a d that was to keep shouting as “Bravo, Bravo, fucking Bravo.” It further ends with the news of Brandi wherein Denise’s relationship was on the air. On the contrary, we could witness the news of the breaking of the relationship between Denise and Brandi. Denise also seeks to confess everything in an interview. Denise faces the camera with a purple lipsticked smirk. She even says that if she doesn’t get some of Lisa Rinna’s, she might piddle in the panties out of anticipation. The ending was a bit shocking for the fact that the production has become more of a character. 

On the other side, it appears to be a structural departure for the franchise. It seems as if they have saved the best moments for the end, and the teaser was not with the drama itself, rather it was with the destruction of the happy norms that finally led to the creation of this drama. We even see Denise not being too nice to the waiter and kept on accusing him of bringing her a blanco tequila over a reposado. Also, there comes a sequence that portrays her custody troubles with her ex Charlie Sheen. On the flip side, Erika gets her husband, Erin Brockovich lawyer Tom Girardi, and they talk over the phone for legal advice. Last but not the least, he even volunteers to be Denise’s counsel. 

The real housewives of Beverly Hills Season: My favorite part of the whole book

All were there in the New York fashion week, we see Erika take Denise, Lisa and Teddi to one of the go-go bars in NJ. This is the same bar where she danced in her bathing suit back in that day. Erika Mock clutched her pearls and said about how he used to work there when she was 18. Lisa said that she could never imagine her daughter doing so! She says that she would probably not have to encounter such a hardship in life if he had rich parents but things aren’t the same anymore. 

Of course, Erika seems to be more engaged in the film. Right after her, Kyle is the other person to get the major screen time. Whatsoever, the entire fashion show seemed to be a lukewarm mess. It was indeed a brainstorming deal to figure out how Kyle was involved in the resignation process. Other than that, Shahida, her business partner, turned those bunch of snapshots into a sample. She even brought Dorit for the latter’s expertise in this genre. Dorit suggested that it is important to ensure that all the models should have the same styling, that would make the show flow in a certain order. Her friends and daughters were all there to walk in the show alongside the professional models. 

The magenta haired fashion show director, Tracie was really patient with Kyle irrespective of all the requests that she put up. Kyle even adds her daughter as a model at the very last minute. Talking about the audience, the real housewives who were not walking in the show were none other than Sutton Stracke, a rich woman who is capable of buying the Dolce and Gabbana couture. On the other hand, we have the actress, Garcelle Beauvais. Sutton was trying out a new outfit while Lisa was in the atelier and we could hear a soft echo from the past saying that the crown is heavy, and thus should be left where it belongs to! 

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