This Marvel Jacket from is fantastic, but there are problems with the site – Newsdio

26 offers some great clothes officially licensed by Marvel and DC. They currently have a sale of many outerwear for these fandoms and they also kindly sent me a pair of jackets. I asked them to send me the subtle Marvel Comic Print coat for me and the Wonder Woman Canvas Cargo jacket for women for my wife. They arrived in a timely manner and I have been enjoying my jacket.

My coat fits perfectly for the most part. One problem is that I know I have a little instinct, but it's not huge. I have to vacuum in order to button the coat. I feel that if I increase the size, I could button it, but it wouldn't fit so well. My other problem is that the jacket has fake pockets on the outside. WHY DO FALSE POCKETS EXIST? Are the worst. In addition to these minor inconveniences, I loved being able to go around with a nice coat that looks normal, but then show some coldness with the Marvel printed lining.

Now let's address the big problem with They need to improve their size chart. Different jackets have different sizes available for them. The coat I got has measurements of waist, chest, length and size. Meanwhile, a different coat only asks for the chest and length. The women's jacket I ordered also only requested these two measures and resulted in a jacket that was too small. When requesting other measures, such as the length of the sleeve or shoulder, there is a much smaller margin of error.

The Wonder Woman jacket looks fantastic and feels fantastic, but unfortunately it is too small because there were problems with the size charts, so I can't relate how good it really feels or looks on a person.

If you can find a jacket that you like and confirm that it fits your measurements, has good quality products with official license.


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