This new version of Dreams from the city of Stardew Valley is beautiful


Pelican Town from Stardew valley it has been given a wonderful new life in Dreams, the PlayStation 4 exclusive design toolkit from Media Molecule.

Twitch streamer Tooshi I remade the charming city in 3D, to the bushes, trees and street lamps. Players can walk through the city in the first person, although unfortunately they cannot enter any of the buildings. Your version of Pelican Town is accurate, up to the strangely fenced area located in the upper left of the map. Recreation is simple and does not use hyperrealistic textures, but that is how it should be. It expresses the same kind of seriousness that it does Stardew valley In itself so lovely.

Unfortunately, since the rebuilt construction is only the area of ​​the city, you cannot stand outside the homes of Leah and Elliott, waiting for them to leave so you can give them their favorite items. The other Pelican Town residents are walking, so while you can't enter their homes, you can sit next to them.

The city can be downloaded now that Dreams It was launched and made with the intention that players use it as a setting for even more elaborate creations.

Dreams, which was launched today, is a remarkable tool. It allows people to make games, or even ultra-realistic breakfasts, all from their consoles. Search more of your favorite environments to show now that it is widely available.


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