Tiger King star Carole Baskin accused of falsifying dead husband's signature for money


Tiger King star Carole Baskin has been accused of forging her late husband's signature to gain control of her money. While there was a lot to unpack after watching the Netflix movies, many people focused on Baskin and his own story. In truth, there could be a whole docusery focused solely on Baskin, Joe Exotic's arch enemy. Although it has never been officially proven, many people believe that Baskin had something to do with Don Lewis' disappearance in 1997. Mr. Exotic goes to the extreme of claiming that she killed Lewis and fed him with his tigers.

Now Joseph Fritz, a former lawyer and friend of Don Lewis, is presenting new information about the case, and it doesn't look good for Carole Baskin. Fritz believes that the signatures on the legal documents that give Baskin control of Lewis's assets should anything ever happen to him are forged. He also believes Baskin was the one who forged the signature, which is something else that has been widely speculated since Tiger king transmitted

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In a new interview, Joseph Fritz continued to discuss counterfeiting, noting: "Someone sat in my office and took the photos and was able to place one on top of the other on his cell phone and they are a perfect match." He went on to say that he believes Don Lewis was killed. Document forensic examiner and handwriting expert Thomas Vastrick took a look at the signatures and he also believes they were forged. He had this to say.

"In conducting the power of attorney and durable family will test, both created on November 21, 1996, I was struck by the strange similarity between each set of signatures. It was an almost exact replica to the extent that think that what I was dealing with, at least with Mr. Lewis's signature, that these signatures were tracked. "

Not all signatures are exactly the same each time, even if the person has signed it that way throughout their lives. Usually, there are some minor changes to major changes from signature to signature, which is why the power of attorney for the Don Lewis family is so suspicious. Carole Baskin has yet to respond to the latest allegations, but will most likely do so in the coming days.

Tampa Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister recently called for advice from people who may have information about Don Lewis's disappearance. Chronister believes that the popularity of Tiger king It may lead to some new information that could implicate Carole Baskin. It is unclear if there has been any valuable advice at this time. Baskin has maintained his innocence for more than 20 years and claims that Don Lewis disappeared one day. The interview with Joseph Fritz was originally conducted by Fox News.

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