Tik tok foreign challenge really a disturbing stuff for everyone

For a long time, this tik tok foreign challenge has been making a trend. During the lockdown of covid 19, there are many challenges being caught or are into limelight. Some of them are normal or light-hearted and some of them are quite silly with creating disturbances in the lives of many. There is a new challenge known as foreigner challenge and has been trending these days on social media. This is being roped in by many teenagers and bears potentially of being dangerous to them. 

The foreigner challenges have highlighted the need to make social media a safer place for minors. This has been quite encouraging for the teenagers to expose them online and use their videos anywhere. The following involves young people making fun of them and posting the same on social media. It’s the funimate challenge where it can be considered as a video and music editing app. This is going to enable users to add photos and short videos together forming a longer video. To that even a sound track can be added and that has been used with most of the songs by pop smoke foreigners. 

Above all, it must be shared either on a social media platform or it is sent to a specific foreigner challenge instagram account that is designed specifically to expose these videos. Then the videos are judged, commented on and rated as per likes and dislikes by netizens. The game started with people uploading a series of selfies and images of themselves and it has now taken a turn for the worse. Young boys and girls started posting some explicit images and videos of themselves which got them into trouble. As per reports from media, this challenge is speculated to be a form of child pornography and people who are exposing and sharing “funimate” and are subjected to serious convictions if they are caught red handed. For that reason, people on social media have been asked for the challenge to go down and all the videos to get deleted. Even though it’s fun filled, still the risk factor is opened as the video challenge runs with risk of causing certain serious bodily harm or any kind of damage to the property. There are many such video challenges which go viral with seemingly innocuous intent, pushing the things like lip- syncing and with some like testicle- dipping added with flex pilots by more limber users. 

These dangerous challenges are making into limelight these days. So there are calls for the foreigner challenge to be deleted as causing it a disgusting challenge encouraging underage teens to expose themselves online. This challenge was aired on 27th of April 2020 by drama kween in which she posted a video to the you tube entitled “stop the foreigner challenge”. Here she shared some information relating to the challenge and details of some of the dangers that are involved in the game for the participants. But with deep grief left behind there were already some posts, videos and photos uploaded by people initially to the tik tok as the part of challenge and have also started to make the rounds on the social media sites like twitter and instagram. 

Still it’s not into belief by some people as they think it to be false. For this challenge, there are a lot of people taking lighthearted dance routines, games or lip syncs and many more people who are loving social media apps are sharing their own short comic videos. This is truly not expected as it can cause harm to many lives some time.

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