To All The Boys 3 is here!

To all the boys 3 has dropped recently and certainly, this is a good news for Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo). The full trailer is out and this third and final movie of the trilogy is typically based on the books written by Jenny Han. 


As per the Netflix, here is the full synopsis of the movie whereinbwe see Lara Covet preparing for the end term of her high school life and the way she steps into her adulthood. We also witness her travel to a pair of life changunf trips that have helped her reimagine life with her family and friends. 

It is a movie that deals really well one’s psychology and emotions, and having said so, it portryas how anger and negative feelings have turned out to be so common in today’s times. It is certainly a very weird decision and despite all the hardships that we might have to encounter along the way of life, we need to learn about ways to stay positive and calm, and that’s where success lies in!

If you think you might not be the target audience for this movie, do give it a try, and you are sure to feel it relatable to you as well. 

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