Tobias Harris Proposes to GF in Elaborate Romantic Setup Filled with Roses and candles

Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris

The News of Tobias Harris getting engaged with Jasmine has broken so many young hearts but those fans that were waiting for them to get engaged is a happy news to them.  Everyone dreams about getting proposed in a unique way and Tobias proposed Jasmine social media. 

Proposed jasmine on Instagram 

Where, everyone today is taking social media as a way of showing hatred and flaunting Tobias chose his medium as a medium of speaking his heart out and that is how he proposed Jasmine on social media. He had posted a picture online on instagram, and there he was standing in the middle of a scenic location, an outdoor place. The whole concept of this post was a picture with the city on the back of the hill behind the newly engaged couple.

Then he had added more stars by making a heart with rose petals which were surrounded by candles. Harris went down on his knees with his girlfriend and the reaction of Jasmine was quite shocking. The next picture he posted was of a 76er star embracing jasmine.

This proposal was really fascinating and impressive, Harris made the whole proposal a dream proposal, so many girls dream about getting such a proposal and Harris has made this reality for so many people. 

Tobias Harris is a former Tennessee Volunteers college basketball star; he has recently proposed to his girlfriend jasmine.

It was a dream proposal for many and since he has proposed Jasmine the whole social media is flooded with this news.


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The whole proposal looked so beautiful and it was so romantic. Jasmine is lucky she got a proposal on such a grand level where everyone desires to get a proposal like that. Including this there were many pictures which Harris shared with his Insta family members.

Image Credit Instagram

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He chose to share his joy and happiness with the people he feels connected with and insta members are his family. Reaction of Jasmine was also so beautiful and it was so cute, many fans of jasmine and Harris commented on their post. In fact, their post got flooded with only warming and beautiful messages and wishes. Many tagged them and congratulated them. Pictures which Harris posted were really so cute and beautiful.  He has set a bar and he is making many hearts and lovers go on their knees and tell their girls that they want to spend their whole life together. 

Reaction of Harris and jasmine’s fan 

The reaction of Harris and Jasmine was really so cute and the reaction of their fans were even cuter and everyone who loved them wished them good luck and lots of wishes. Many fans also wanted to see both of them together and this was just the right time when they got this opportunity and jasmine and Harris thanked them back. The whole ambience of Insta also got light when they did so and everyone celebrated this celebration virtually. So yes, congratulations Jasmine and Harris, have a happy and wonderful life. 

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