Tom Hardy's Capone scores record numbers for Studio in digital launch


As movie theaters remain closed, studios have begun releasing certain titles on streaming platforms. Last month, Trolls World Tour It was released directly to VOD and broke records to become the biggest digital debut in history. According to the latest reports, the Universal / DreamWorks Animation production is close to making $ 100 million with PVOD. It has been a huge success, Universal announced shortly after that they would explore direct streaming options in the future for certain titles and skip the stage presentation entirely. This was not to the liking of theater owners, as major chains including AMC and Regal announced that they would ban all Universal releases in their theaters in the future.

Another animated movie Scoob!, it premiered last week, but it's one more adult movie that's garnering some attention after its digital release. Capone, Josh Trank's new movie starring Tom Hardy in the title role, has so far made over $ 2.5 million after 10 days of release. That is a new record for Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.

With a reported budget of nearly $ 21 million, the film has a chance to get a return, but a theatrical release would have helped in that regard. However, the studio is happy with its debut.

“We are incredibly impressed with the care and interest that surrounds Capone. While we wish the film was released in theaters as originally intended, we couldn't be more excited about the success of the VOD home premiere launch. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, including the incredible support of our cable partners, this opening has exceeded all of our expectations and we look forward to seeing Capone continue to find his audience during these uncertain times, "said the Vertical Entertainment partners.

For micro budget movies, number one priority is finding an audience and there is no better time than now for that. Despite getting negative reviews, Capone is making money, which means movie viewers are eager for new content.

Theaters are beginning to reopen, but most of them are drive-in theaters. But they're playing old movies, as studios are still reluctant to release new movies in theaters that can't be accommodated. When it comes to entertainment, there has never been a better time to be stuck at home than now. The number of options are endless and, as we have seen in Trolls and Capone, studies will continue along this path if it generates profits. The way we consume movies may have changed forever. All that was needed was a global pandemic.


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