Top 10 Android widgets for your home-screen

Top 10 Android widgets for your home-screen
Top 10 Android widgets for your home-screen

Widgets have been traditionally associated with Android and that has made them superior to iOS. Although our dependence on Widgets have been low of late, yet there are few attributes which can’t be replaced by a widget. For example, when it comes to preparing a to-do list, or taking notes, weather, calendar etc. Such tasks will work more professionally in a widget format. Let’s now take a look at the best ones:-

Time Until

Free/Up to $2.99

Time Until as per its name is helping you to remember little but important dates in the form of your special family occasions, important dates, birthdays etc. In short you can set a timer for anything you want a countdown for. It may not be too popular but certainly give you much needed use for simply remembering important dates for sure. 


Free/$27.99 annually

It is an app which takes time to do functions based on what you command. For example, you can set the time for important events and remembering special occasions is easy now with this. You can get up to two reminders for free unlike others. There is a pro version where after spending $27.99 annually you can get more reminders. So basically, the subscription part is only feasible, if you are looking for more than two reminders or else there is no need for the same. 


Free/$28.99 annually 

The developers should be applauded for creating a well designed Todoist, thanks to the awesome choice of colors, design and how easy it is to be used and operated. You can opt for a free version where you will get to know the tasks to be done etc. However, the paid version will automatically have more features like reminders etc.  So overall, you can find them too colorful and easy to use along with the noteworthy feature of cross-platform capabilities of Todoist. 

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

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Calendar Widget by Home Agenda may offer just the right platform for your home phone. You will realize once you have. Of course, you can know the weather, functions, and events.  You can customize the calendar labels. In order to generate optimum performance, you should use Google Calendar. While the developers are on the updating mode to make it more user-friendly and classy and that has included optimum performance with more improving features. There is $1.99 fees to pay and you won’t get the issues of ads or in-app purchases.

Chronus Information Widgets 


Chronus Information Widgets can be regarded as a perfect and an ideal widget for your home screen. It has a clock with weather widgets etc. You can customize them mostly, as per the requirements of your home screen.  The paid version comes with more enhanced features in terms of Google Fit support

Battery Widget Reborn

Free/ $3.49

Battery Widget Reborn is quite a noteworthy widget for battery meters. You can customize the widget as per the layout of your theme or home screen. The app has a list of information relating to battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth settings and has a detailed chart related activities. It is easy to use.

Google Keep Notes

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Google Keep Notes as per its name is an application for taking notes. It is easy to use and quite simple to operate with no technicalities involved. . Usually, we require sharing notes amongst our colleagues and this app works best in our endeavor to share with them. The simple set up of android widgets makes it even more convenient to use. Hence, you can quickly create notes without any delay and that’s how you can get your work done with perfection and accuracy especially in a tight schedule when you are already running behind schedule. It is free to use 



IFTTT is quite a powerful app. Why powerful? Because, you can command certain tasks to your phone and it completes automatically. I can better help you. Like, it has a button widget which starts a command when you turn it on. Now, it can be any command such as texting someone automatically especially as a way to inform your near and dear ones that you are away and that you will be home shortly. Likewise, there are other similar steps which you can do. Although, if you are new to it, you may have to do a bit of knowing the whole thing, but when you have gained knowledge about it, then you will realize how meaningful and easy it is to operate. Especially, when you want to complete certain tasks automatically and how enjoyable it becomes to accomplish those tasks quickly, easily without any manual efforts. 


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Are you searching for the best and enchanting weather widgets? Do you want to get one for yourself and customize with its available features? If yes, then Overdrop is a comparably newer Android widget and does the work perfectly well for you. Although, you can get all the latest weather updates through it, yet it offers captivating widgets for your home screen. You can customize like a card style layout which has a date and battery percentage. It has easy to operate thanks to its awesome user interface.


Price: $2.99

When it comes to apps, you know there are different ones. But when it comes to power and complexities along with the functions associated with the same, then Tasker does justice as per its name. Yes, you can use it to command your phone in pretty anything you basically want. However, before going to the final output, you may have to bear in mind that it may take somewhat time, considering the complex nature of the widget where there are tons of plugins along with 200 actions which simultaneously take place. This is an insight to help you relate to the extent of functionalities this widget offers and based on the same, it creates a never ending functional response as per your desired command.  “Tasker Support” is also very much there. You can download it for free on Google Play.

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