Top 10 Anime to Watch This Year 2021

2020 has been a very boring year with no doubts. Although 2021 has just started, the boredom is still here. To kill boredom and to fresh your mind, you need to watch an anime series right now!

Grab your popcorn, arrange your seat, and start watching now. But wait! Are you confused about which anime to watch? No worries man. Here below is the list of the top 10 anime to watch this year. Check out below.

Top 10 Anime to Watch This Year

The mentioned anime series is a must watch. Scroll down to check the list.

  • Pokémon

This anime series has been everyone’s favorite. Pokémon is about the adventure of 10-years old boy Ash Ketchum. Ash is a Pokémon trainer and travels the Pokémon world with his best-friend Pikachu (most famous Pokémon).

Ash’s dream is to become the most majestic Pokémon trainer ever.

  • Death Note

If you are a magic lover then this anime is perfect for you. The story revolves around a normal college student Light Yagami. This student’s life remains normal until he finds a diary from the ground.

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First, he thinks that the diary is normal, but later he found it a magical one. He discovers the power that the writer can kill anybody by writing their name in the diary and imagining their faces.

Another character L (detective) tries to put an end to his evil strategies.

  • HighSchool DxD

Highschool DxD is an anime about a high school boy Issei Hyodo, who was killed by a girl on his first-ever date. Issei was reborn as a demon. And after that, he serves as an aide under Rias Gremory (the prettiest girl in Issei’s school). Highschool DxD season 5 will be coming in 2021.

This heartbroken and adventurous anime is a must thing to watch in 2021.

  • Aggretsuko

Aggresrsuko is a comedy-drama anime. Sanrio Company in 2016 created this anime. Aggretsuko is a representation of a 25 years old woman. A woman who is single and devoted to her work life.

She is independent, smart, and beautiful. Her goal in life is to have a stable job.

  • Konosuba

Konosuba is a Japanese novel series. The series is revolving around a boy who meets a Goddess Aqua. The Goddess offers him rebirth and sends him to the WONDERFUL world with MMOPRG ingredients. People are looking if Konosuba season 3 is going to be released in 2021.

In the WONDERFUL world, the boy stays, parties, and meets the wizard. This anime is a good series for teenagers who love fictional shows.

  • Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is an action animated series. To control the increasing crime rate in the Solar System, The Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) shakes hands with the bounty hunters, also known as “Cowboys.”

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The Cowboys chase criminals and bring them alive to earn the reward. The spaceship they used was named “Bebop.” The main characters of the series are these cowboys. This anime is fun to watch.

  • Keep Your Hands off Eizouken

Keep Your Hands off Eizouken is a joyous new anime to watch this year. The narrative is about three high-school girls who are trying to make their own anime. Luckily the trio meets a money-loving best friend Sayaka. Together with her, they start the club “Eizouken” and slowly step towards their dreams.

  • Monster Musume

Comedy and full of fantasy, Monster Musume is perfect for kids. Kimihito Kurusu is the main character of the story. He is a Japanese student. Kimihito Kurusu accidentally becomes involved in the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange” program, after which his life becomes a total mess. Another main character of the play is “Mia” who falls in love with Kimihito after meeting him. Monster Musume season 2 will be coming out soon.

  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a romantic, heartwarming, and full of consequence novel. The tale is about a girl whose childhood was horrifying. She was sold from a slave auction and purchased by a weird stranger as his novice.

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But the twist came in the story when they both eventually fall in love with each other. They share a very unique love story that works in both favors.

  • Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is a musical anime series about a mastermind child. This series is adapted from Naoshi Arakawa (manga series of the same name). The story’s main character is a boy named Kōsei Arima. He becomes a celebrity pianist after winning many competitions.

However, the turn in the story happens when the kid’s mother dies, and he stopped playing the piano after that.


This list of the top 10 anime to watch this year is full of crazy, funny, action, romantic, and comedy anime series. If you want to freshen up your mood, then watching these anime series is a must thing this year.

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