Top 10 Reasons Why American Immigration Scene is So Strong

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Every year, hundreds and thousands of people move to America and each one of them have a unique reason for their relocation. While it is common for people to move closer to their loved ones, or to find a job opportunity, there are plenty of other reasons why America remains the top choice when it comes to immigration.

The United States today is the perfect mix of cultural diversity because people here belong to different countries and cultures. Some of the top rated cross country movers state that they have helped people of all ethnic backgrounds in America in moving to a house they are happy to call home after settling down in the American Land.

This raises a very important question- Why do people move to America? No doubt America is a welcoming country, but besides its warm nature, there are plenty of other reasons why people prefer America over many other countries. Let’s discuss the key reasons for high demand of American immigration:

1-  Education:
The education system in America is considered as one of the most recognized education systems in the world. The schooling in America is very structured and you can rest assured that your child will receive the best qualification which is recognized as top notch in most of the countries. Similarly, college education in America is also one of the strongest one in the world. It is the prime reason every year thousands of students apply for admissions in the best of American universities. American colleges and universities occupy 13-15 top ranks in the top 20 school and college rankings worldwide.

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2-  Healthcare
America is known for its medical innovation power and its sturdy healthcare infrastructure. America is also home to several medical experts who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. The country has the most number of medical patents in its name and the hospitals here are known for the best treatment availability for a varied range of diseases. The infrastructure is strong and so is the cost of treatment. Gladly, the employer benefits in the US are equally strong and most of the employee healthcare expenses are covered under employer benefits.

3-  Economy:
The US again is a world leader in terms of economy. The country is ranked ninth for nominal GDP per capita and sixth in GDP per capita at PPP. Moreover, the US is one country to have the highest average household income in the entire world and the US dollar is one of the most respected currencies.

4-  Career opportunities and growth
If you are planning to move to America to take better career roles and opportunities, you will be glad to know that the country has a lot to offer. The country has the minimum unemployment rate in the world and stands tall among the top five countries that offer the best career opportunities in the world.
The employers in America are willing to engage talent and they go to any limit to ensure that only the best talent is employed in their organizations.  Moreover, American working culture is very respectful and rewarding with great gender and pay equality as well as due importance paid to human rights and workplace endurance.

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5-  Nature:
There is no shortage of green spaces in America. The country is known as a green country with enough outdoor places for the people to enjoy with nature. The climatic diversity is another reason for America’s richness and the country has a multi-terrain geography with different climate and weather. From sky high mountains to expanse of ocean and seas, alluring mountain trails to long stretches of countryside lanes, the American natural heritage is so enriching that it leaves you in awe of a nature inspired life.

6-  Transportation & travel
The transportation system in the US is very structured and strong. There are several modes of transport that are at your disposal. You can choose from automobiles, buses, subways, trains, airplanes and more as your means of transport for local and across state travels. The public transportation industry serves as one of the major employers in America with over 400, 000 people working for the transportation department.
Moreover, there are endless options for you to travel and visit in America. There are beaches then there are mountains, natural marvels as well as man-made marvels to explore and learn. If you have free time, you can enjoy it the best by making short trips to the various cities and counties of America and experience the diversity to the core.

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7-  Science and Technology
Ever since the last leg of the 19th century, America has led the world in terms of scientific discoveries and researches. From US households to offices, life is aided by a great range of technology which is a great way to lead a developed and advanced life. The science and technology sector in America is also a major employment generating sector and attracts a lot of talented science enthusiasts from across the world.

8-  Culinary experience:
The American’s love for food is world renowned. From fast food to authentic American dishes, you can enjoy a great range of culinary diversity in America. The restaurant industry is one of the major sector in the US with great employment rate. Moreover, you can find all types of cuisines in America as the population here is a mix of people from different backgrounds and culinary preferences.

Irrespective of your lineage, America proves to be a great place for you to move and settle down. The country has a lot to offer to the right candidate and if you are a man of talent, you can easily make your place amid the competitive market. From education to employment and a healthy and happy life, America offers you everything in abundance. A great life awaits you in America as the country guarantees the least of culture shock and a warm welcome to you and your family.

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