Top 10 Reddit apps for Android

Top 10 Reddit apps for Android
Top 10 Reddit apps for Android

Reddit is everywhere. Yes, the online world and importantly the first page of internet have seen the emphatic existence of  reddit with its specific topics and threads. Now, thanks to the same, it has become a part and parcel of Reddit, there are apps where you can surf under your favorite subreddit in an easy manner. There are equally Reddit apps for Android. Mostly, the following apps are also going to support Reddit Gold which offers a $3.99 monthly subscription which is best to removes ads. Let’s now take a look at the top 10 Reddit apps for Android:-

Infinity for Reddit 


Infinity for Reddit is quite captivating and offers an awesome look for your mobile. It sticks with all the basic features along with having multi-account support. The app also consists of “Lazy Mode” where there is an option of auto scrolling, and it continues to do till you get to know something interesting and relevant. Although, it is not perfect, yet considering the awesome features it has been associated with, you will surely like to check for the obvious reasons. It is totally free as well. 

Now for Reddit

Free / $3.99

Now for Reddit has become an easier and approachable app which deserves to be in the list. It lends support to various types of files along with Reddit Gold features. The modern design is created in such a manner where you can easily swipe to change your subreddits  and that’s how easy it actually becomes while you browse. If you feel like going through the most popular as well as trendy subreddits, then the app offers an easy solution too. The free version is there but if you pay $3.99 you can get host of other features as well. 


Free / $1.99

BaconReader has powerful features along with material design interface, color coded comment threads along with background themes which ease the whole process of reading and also it offers captivating look too. It has the support of features in the form of moderator tools, multi-account support, filtering at an advanced level etc. The free version is very there, but the pro version comes with $1.99. The free version does have issues of ads, so you have to bear that in mind while using it. 

Boost for Reddit

Free / upto $10.00

Boost for reddit still needs to gain the charts of popularity and success. It is certainly not much popular in line with other apps. Although, it makes use of various features where you can view your subreddit, in-app media previews, material design along with widget support. The app can be customized with various themes and there is the theme which is specially created for AMOLED displays. You can do whole list of things in terms of changing the site, type of font as well as color, based on your preference. There is another app namely “Spoiler support” which being a rich Reddit app and you should certainly go for the same. 

Reddit (official app)

Free / $3.99 monthly / 29.99 annually 

The official Reddit app is ok with range of features with the likes of subreddit management, posting tools, comments, Reddit Gold support etc. However, you may face few issues of bugs. The app isn’t very promising with respect to third party app. However, having said that if you are a casual user, then you will find it to be simple and worth visiting for sure. 

Reddit is fun 

Free / Up to $20.00

Reddit is fun is another app which comprise of modern design and it plays core experience towards the same. It equally has support of moderator tools, widget support along with varied form of features. 



RedReader is another app which is open source. There are no ads and no tracking sort of a thing. It has support for Imgur albums, gifv files, multi-account support, night mode theme which doesn’t create a pinching sort of a thing on eyes. You also get the support of tablet 

Relay for Reddit 

Free / $2.99

Relay for Reddit offers host of features where it uses Material Design along with card based interface to ensure an easier and effective readability. It comes with various features in the form of multi-account support, inline media previews, customization features etc. The free version has various features associated but if you do subscription then there is a onetime payment of $2.99 with added features 

Sync for Reddit

Free / $3.99

Sync for Reddit is another app which offers a Material Design interface. It also has the support of multi-account, night theme, multi-window support along with support for Android Noughat. The app do consists of few bugs though.

Removed for Reddit


Do you spend a considerable amount of time on Reddit? If yes, then this app is for you. The app offers a professional way of working. There are certain comments which get deleted, so if you want to see that comment, then this app will help you to get through the same. Yes, you will know the original comment. The app is free and open source.

Final thoughts

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Finally, the aforesaid post gives you top 10 reddit apps for Android which are going to enhance your experience while you pass time on Reddit. Yes, all of them are unique in several respects and that’s how it is going to create an awesome and fruitful situation for yourself. 

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