Top 4 Practical Reasons to Buy Stationery Online

Stationery Online

Is writing by hand too traditional in today’s world of e-mail, social media, and mobile devices? The Palm Pilot’s inventor unveiled GridPad in 1989, which became the first commercially successful tablet computer. However, today there are still many practical reasons to write by hand after you buy stationery online:

More Convenience

As with other types of brick-and-mortar stores, today, you can find online stationery shops that provide more convenience since all you need to buy writing paper is a device and internet connection.

In fact, nearly 81 percent of Australians in 2019 shop online, according to Web Alive. The less time people spend shopping for stationery, the more time they can spend writing on it. One of the main conveniences shoppers can enjoy by purchasing stationery through online retailers is that web pages are often updated weekly or daily. 

This allows you to quickly see new information, such as new arrivals. It would be easier to miss them when shopping in a physical store.

Several Forms

In many cases, the term “stationery” refers to paper that is folded then placed into envelopes. However, writing paper can exist in many forms, including:

  • Notebooks
  • Notepads
  • Planners
  • Diaries
  • Journals

These are all different ways you can apply a pen or pencil to paper that you can organize in one location. Meanwhile, traditional stationery allows you to send handwritten letters to people through post.  

You can also pick from different niches within these main categories. For example, journals can include travel, movies/TV, and baby variants. These are designed to organize handwritten information in different ways, including travel dates,or your baby’s first words, walk, or school day.  

Wide Selection

Shopping online for stationery means you will not have to settle for what’s readily available at physical stationery shops. This includes different factors, including:

  • Style
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Colour

One of the main perks you can get from online shopping is you can browse for products using an on-site search engine. Through this mode, you can browse by stationery brand, type, etc. This process is much more convenient than visiting a physical stationery store. You don’t need to travel to and from the store, walking around to find items, and waiting in a queue to pay for them. 

Internet stores also help you learn immediately if a particular notepad, notebook, or journal is out of stock. Many online retailers still offer non-writing paper items that are still linked to paper and pen writing. 

They include pens and pencils, bags, and coffee and tea. Some items such as caffeinated beverages are not directly connected to writing but can provide mental benefits such as improved alertness and focus.


Pen and Paper Benefits

In today’s digital age, people are using tools like tablets and digital keyboards, but you can still experience benefits of writing with fountain pens and writing paper including:

  • Easier to focus versus digital tech
  • Very effective for studying/memorizing info
  • Boosts creativity as a slower process versus typing and tapping
  • Longer-lasting effect on memory versus typing
  • Functions as a type of mental exercise
  • Effective for improving motor skills and memory

These benefits illustrate how putting pen to paper can offer several advantages over tapping a tablet display. You store the same information yet can experience several mental benefits in terms of learning, creativity, and focus.

Several studies have been made to compare the benefits of digital learning versus pen and paper note-taking. One showed that 91% of students preferred paper-based studying versus computer-based studying, according to The Print Group.

Whether you want to buy a notepad, notebook, or diary, you can find all of them if you buy stationery online. The great convenience and wide selection can make shopping for writing paper an epic diary entry.

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