Top 5 reasons why Indian floor rugs are best for international homes

Importance of Indian floor rugs in foreign countries

A real decorative accessory, the carpet must, above all, be a real favorite! But to be sure to choose your carpet without going wrong, you have to take into account the material. You have to think about maintenance, think about the dimensions, and adapt the carpet to the room’s style. Here are the 5 rules to follow in choosing your carpet well between expert secrets, decoration tips, and traps to avoid. There are various types of rugs. The natural rugs are also known as vegetable rugs. These bring a lot of light and clarity to the room where we decide to place them in the bedroom, in the living room, or as a carpet covering stairs. You can also find some synthetic carpet.

1: The materials to choose when choosing the right carpet

We always choose the carpet’s material according to the desired effect. For example, wool for an authentic, matt, and natural appearance or synthetic materials for effects of shine and more vibrant colors. But we must also take into account the room and adapt to the carpet. We also forget in the living room or the dining room because the traces of water or food are immediately marked. These marks are very difficult to detach.

It’s the opposite with a cotton rug, more all-terrain since it can be placed anywhere in the house and easy to maintain since it washes.

In turn, the Indian floor rugs are a good solution when there are children in a room. The Indian floor rugs are warmer and more resistant over time.

In front of a fireplace, we prefer Indian floor rugs to insulate and bring even more heat to the room. This material has antistatic and anti-flammable properties, which are safer.

As for rugs made of natural fibers, such as sisal or bamboo, they are very resistant and easy to maintain. Since these fibers, naturally mottled in coloring, blur stains better, they are felt a little warmer and cocooning.

2: The right dimensions of your carpet

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To choose the right Indian floor rugs, you have to think about the dimensions and adapt the carpet to the room.

Today, a large overflowing carpet is placed under your bed at the feet, on the front. It is very structured. It is a new form of modernity that marks a style that can also be found in the living room. In a room, we see more and more sofas placed on rugs, whereas previously, rugs tend to be placed in front of the sofa. Even if we always avoid a too large rug in a small room, this would narrow the space.  


There are many more possibilities in a large room. You have to choose a round rug to bring more softness, an XXL rug, or increase the number of small-sized rugs you can mix and match. Materials, colors, and patterns add a signature and even determine the spaces.  

You can keep in mind the standard dimensions of a rug to guide your choice according to the room. The good tip to be sure not to make a mistake: layout on the floor, where you imagine laying the carpet, the sheets of a daily newspaper, then measure!  

4: colors and styles to prefer

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The Indian floor rugs are a real decorative accessory. The carpet must be chosen in harmony with the room’s style, and we can, without hesitation, play the quirky card as in an apartment. For example, a modernized carpet can become the touch of fantasy that comes to wake up the decor and shift very classic furniture. 

To choose the right carpet, you must also use common sense, for example, by favoring dark colors for the carpet in the hallway. If we also forget the too light colors in the dining room, they tend to enlarge the space. We also avoid the central patterns that would remain hidden under the table. Instead, we opt for designs over the entire surface or even a carpet with a border.


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No less important, another advantage is the originality that rugs can bring to the office. Colors and patterns can be combined to suit any office area’s taste and needs, even trying different color palettes, smooth textures, or prints.

The purpose of the modular Indian floor rugs is to provide the user with a solution. The carpet facilitates his office’s installation and maintenance by offering better inspiring environments to his collaborators.

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