Top 5 spoof call apps and fake call apps for Android

Many of us have been inspired by so many prank channels running on different social media sites. Yes, likewise, pranks are fun, if they don’t physically or mentally harm a person. In short, they should be light hearted and just done for some enjoyment or humor and for a specific time.

Likewise, fake calls or spoof calls can add to that spark. Yes, they give you few occasions and moments of fun right on certain occasions where you feel like going for it, or there are few occasions such as April Fool’s Day or other festivals you name it fit to do. 

Kindly note: – We in no way favor spam calls or any such thing which question the very own legality. The main function of these apps should be one off and not to create a chain or casual practices in a way as to continue doing over a period of time.  They should be done purely for educational or entertainment purpose only. Let’s now take a look at the top 5 spoof call apps for Android:-


Free with in-app purchases

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Talkatone is another service provider where you can get phone number which you can use for pranking another member, like you can make calls or texts. It creates an excellent mechanism as you have the unique number, which is not known to anyone and you can use it to spoof a call.

Additionally, since it also has the option for you text, so you can do the same which will obviously be from an unknown number and no one will know that you are the sender. The app has the credit system associated with it, so you need to spend money for the whole thing. Yes, pranking doesn’t come for free as you have to loosen your pocket a bit. The leftover credits can be used later on so based on how much you spend your time; you can accordingly use it too. 


Free with in-app purchases

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MyPhoneRobot is an app where you buy credits to use them for spoof calling people and obviously the number will be a fake one. There are pre-recorded messages in the app and while on the testing phase, it worked quite awesome. However, having said the same, if you record the calls, then also you will be charged which to me is too much. Inspite of it, it works well and there is no denying about it. 

Well, you need to remember, that calling people should be based on the type of nature the person has. You can’t sort of threaten a person whose nature has been that of a serious, as he is most likely to feel shocked which isn’t good. So basically, try to have fun, but consider the nature of the person as all of us do have different types of nature and we need to be sure where we are going to play a prank at. 


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Free with in-app purchases

Dingtone is another app which is based on texting as well and calling. You may regard it to be a cheap phone call service which you do for people with Wi-Fi. It is up to you to change your desired number as and when you want or need. There is an option for you to earn money by watching the ads. Hence, you are able to do fake calls based on when you want to do. You are going to adopt the same process while texting. Signing up is easy and you can ensure loads of fun and frolic.  So, making use of few of the lighter moments is easy and you know that you can create such funny moments with ease and perfection for the time being, but let’s be warned, that don’t make it a habit. 


Free with in-app purchases

TextPlus is another app where you sign up and by doing so you are eligible for a phone number which can be used by you for calling or texting people you wish to. 

Now if you want to switch over to another number, then that can be done as well for pranking calls. There are certain free calls and texts which you are eligible on monthly basis.

There is also an opportunity for you to earn through watching ads. Considering the design of this app, the developers know that they are creating this app for something serious, meaningful which offers loads of functions and that’s the best part of the same. The developers know that their users want an alternate phone number just to mess with their friends or joke with them and they have taken due regards for the same. Additionally, the app also comes with voice changer etc. so if you are looking for something more creative and intricate, then you know what you have for yourself. 


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Free / $10.99

The app gives you the option of receiving a fake phone call. Well, this is just a part to mess lightly or create a fun part out of your network, so that at the end of the day everyone can have a hearty laugh over something which they feel good and happy about. The whole list of features by this app also empowers you to add certain number and phone to the fake caller, in order to make it more genuine. 

There are options of scheduling a call or setting a separate specified ringtone to your fake caller. 

What makes this app unique is that it uses sensory version in order to determine whether the mobile device is attached with your face, and if that is the case, then it turns the screen dark. There is a price associated with a pro version and it is roughly $10.99. However, if that is sidelined, then it can be considered as one of the best spoof call apps you should surely try for yourself. 

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