Top 8 Movies for Casino Lovers

It’s impossible to imagine a person who doesn’t enjoy watching movies, especially if they have a catching plot. The same thing is about gambling. You cannot stop spinning the slot machine in the PlayAmo Australia casino. Yet, what if you combine watching a movie and gambling? Here we offer you the most fascinating films about casinos and card games. 

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The Lock, Stock, Two Smoking Barrels movie is full of interesting characters, but at the heart of the plot are four friends Bacon, Soap, Eddie and Tom. They raise $100,000 and put it on the line in a poker game against a local crime lord and slick cheat named Harry Lonsdale. The guys rely on their friend, but he overestimates his chances, raises the stakes and ends up losing more than he can afford. This gets the whole foursome into trouble, and they are given only a week to get half a million dollars and pay off the debt. Otherwise, each of them could lose first their fingers and then their lives.

The critical situation requires non-standard decisions, and the characters decide on a desperate move to rob the bandits. Yet, it’s not all that easy. At the same time, these bandits rob nerds who grow marijuana for the drug mafia baron.

Casino Royale

An MI6 agent must be able to run fast and shoot well and play poker. Firstly, Bond wins an Aston Martin in the Bahamas, then meets a beautiful girl, and then he goes to a poker tournament at Casino Royale to beat the criminal banker Le Chiffre there.

The Cincinnati Kid

The movie was released in 1965 by MGM Studios. The Cincinnati Kid is a poker player who aspires to be the best. So, he challenges Lancey Howard. The plot is based on a novel by R. Jessup. The script was written by Terry Southern.

From the first minutes, the movie mesmerizes people with its dynamics. The blue-eyed character wins from a dangerous cheat. The crook doesn’t want to part with his dollars and threatens Cincinnati with a knife. But he is excellent at boxing and evades the chase.

Kid’s lifestyle is visiting card clubs and underground casinos. He makes money by gambling. But any business is controlled by mafia structures, that’s why the character has to pay these bandits. And Kid is a loner who values his freedom. 

The Hangover

Two days before his wedding, Doug and three friends head to Las Vegas to celebrate Doug’s upcoming wedding. After partying well and struggling to recover from their heavy drinking, they can’t remember a thing. Somehow they find a tiger in the bathroom and a six-month-old baby in the bathroom of their hotel room. The only man they can’t find is their fourth friend, the groom.

The three have to follow the trail of their drunken exploits from last night to find out what happened and where is Doug? They have very little time left to get their mate back to Los Angeles for his wedding.

The Sting

In the 1930s, two scoundrels seek revenge on a Mafia boss for the death of their mutual friend with one of the most unexpected scams in movie history that also ends surprisingly and amusingly.

All soundtracks in the film are set by ragtime. Scott Joplin’s compositions from the 1900s-1910s were there. Meanwhile, in the 1930s, when the Sting was set, ragtime was practically out of fashion. Yet, thanks to the movie, interest in this musical genre was revived.

Ocean’s Eleven

It’s an elegant comedy about thieves with lots of great jokes, it’s a remake of the 1960 Frank Sinatra film. After Danny Ocean’s release from prison, he’s already planning the most elaborate casino heist in history. He wants to steal $150 million from three of the most successful casinos in Las Vegas. All of these casinos are owned by the elegant yet violent businessman Terry Benedict who only dreams of meeting Danny Ocean’s ex-wife Tess. Could this just be a coincidence? Or could it be an occasion? 

Danny finds a team of eleven experts capable of carrying out this audacious theft. In Ocean’s team, there is a first-class card cheat, a young skilled thief-pickpocket and a brilliant destroyer. To pull off this insane and complicated heist, Ocean will have to risk his life, but his nearly impossible plan may still be successful.

The Gambler

The Gambler is the story of a drug dealer from the northern capital. As a child, he took a wrong turn, drugs and the street took him away, and later almost ruined his life. He has the inner strength not to break down, to return to human life by finding something close to his soul. Yet, another turn of events tries to bring him back to the past. What choice will the character make? 


Rounders is often called the classics of poker movies. This film has gained popularity among fans of the game and even some professionals put it as an example of an excellent poker movie, although the film is about an underground game.

When you watch the movie, you are immersed in the atmosphere of illegal poker clubs of the ’90s in New York together with a couple of charming cheaters. These are handsome Mike McDermott and Lester Murphy.

Mike is a talented poker player with an excellent ability to read his opponents. Lester is a consummate cheat who knows how to deal with the cards as it benefits him. He just got out of prison and only has a couple of days to pay off an old debt. Mike can’t leave his best friend in the lurch.

All in all, these movies will satisfy even those who have never been to the casino. Although they involve gambling, they also let everyone dive into love or friendship stories. So, they can be great for watching with your friends and family. Just choose one of these movies and make your evening even better.

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