Top 9 best legal free movie apps and free TV show apps

Top 9 best legal free movie apps and free TV show apps
Top 9 best legal free movie apps and free TV show apps

Video streaming has become an important practice of late where people are ready to pay for the services they are receiving through Netflix, Hulu etc. However, it is not a cup of tea for everyone to spend a big portion of their income especially hundreds of dollars on their subscription services annually. That’s why I have come up with the best legal free movie apps for Android:-


Free / $4.99 monthly

Plex has been a new entrant after analyzing the importance of free movie app. Since, it has just been a year that it has made a mark in this video streaming sector. Due to the same, the company has come up with the launch of on-demand video services where over 1,000 titles are there to get hold of the best one. 

The list of choices range from Independent films to Hollywood blockbusters etc. It is as easy to start watching movies after account creation. You may come up with advertisements, but it won’t have much of an issue for you. There is going to be loads of content in future for both paid and free versions to cater to the needs of different audiences in the times to come. So, what’s stopping you to start watching movies on your computer with Plex?



Sony’s Crackle has become quite a popular movie app and is just a click away for you through mobile. 

It has series of TV shows, hit titles along with genres waiting to be picked up by you. Its Nielson tracking software can give you stats about how popular the shows are actually becoming. However, when it comes to the quality of streaming, it still has lot of things or progress to be done. Still, it is greatly hoped that things will improve

Hoopla Digital


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Hoopla Digital is another free content medium to help you garner the type of popularity which you readily want to achieve. Through your library card along with local library access, you can get to watch stuff for free without spending a dime. Here, it is necessary for me to mention that your local library card needs to be associated with Hoopla network. Hence, there are widest possible attributes for you to watch such as TV shows, movies, music, eBooks etc. The app has a support from Android TV as well as Chrome cast support. 


Free / Varies

How can Hotstar be far behind in the list of free movie apps in India? There are live sports, TV shows as well as movies but not everything will be available for free. Streaming is fine with advertisements as you would naturally associate it to be. There have been loads of complaints associated with Hotstar which dates back to the World Cup as to how it didn’t deliver to what it has promised while working with the Jio TV app. 



Kodi is another app for Android. It has an awesome user interface to give you a better and long lasting control over the features. The app consists of features where it is able to functionalize the plugins while many of them deliver free content. However, it is still unclear if you happen to watch movies for free through the different plugins available. But, one thing is for sure, USTVNow gives you the leverage of watching TV channels along with few of the movies where you don’t have to spend on anything as such. 



If you are looking towards finding a way to watch movies 100% legally, then there can’t be a better option than Tubi. There is a wide list of movies of different genres which you can watch from different parts of the world. There is an option for you to watch things like “Anime” as it has become quite a prominent streaming service. However, it is possible that you may not be able to get video content as per your taste. 



Yidio is an app which helps you to find streamed content. It isn’t basically going to stream video content for you. The app gives you in-depth search for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc and the list actually ends after 300 other services where based on your preference you can search for the movies of your genre. After that, you can get to know about the legal aspect of watching movies, if it is possible this way. 

Pluto TV


Pluto TV gives you another reason to watch free movies with its app. There are literally 100s of channels where more than 1000 movies are waiting for you. Also, if you want to order certain TV shows on demand, then you can do the same as well. 

So, basically, ads will be there but it is like watching ads in exchange for video content. There are widest possible genres of movies to watch ranging from comedy, horror, romance etc. So, you really don’t need to worry about the ads as in simplest of the terms, they aren’t annoying to say the least. 



Popcornflix is another app to get hold of awesome, interesting, noteworthy and captivating movies as per your choice. There are whopping 700 movies which become its new found addition. Also, if you want to watch different genres films along with films based on different countries, then you can do the same as well. Although, many have come up with buffering related issues and the streaming quality can only be regarded as satisfactory, nothing more than that.  

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