Top 9 Tips on Choosing a Business Coach

The agony of choice

It is not always easy for anyone interested in coaching to find a suitable provider. Choosing the right coach is crucial for a positive, successful coaching experience. When choosing a coach, Careful planning and research and observing a few thumb rules help with the search and protect against dubious providers. Here you will find important tips on choosing a business coach as well as information and rules that you should consider when looking for a coach.

   1.Compare offers

Get multiple quotes and compare. Never hire the first coach you come across, even if he appears convincing. Only in comparison with other offers do the advantages and disadvantages of the different coaching providers become clear. It is advisable to obtain at least three offers.

   2.Obtain recommendations

Inquire with acquaintances, friends, and colleagues and use their experiences and recommendations.

   3.Check skills

Check what training and experience background a coach has. What exactly qualifies him for coaching? What training and further education can he demonstrate? Get references and contact them if necessary.

   4.Ask about specializations and experiences

Inquire whether the coach specializes in cases that are comparable to yours and whether he has relevant experience. Even if someone has been offering coaching for several years, this alone is not a quality criterion. Be critical and find out how many clients a provider has. Sober coaches not only provide available information about successes but also about failures. Find out all about the possible advantages and disadvantages.

   5.Ask about case studies and methods

Ask the coach how the coaching will work and how it is structured. Experienced coaches have case studies and a coaching concept that they can present to you. Let the coach explain the methods to you. Professional coaches are methodologically competent and have a wide range of interventions. They expressly exclude manipulative techniques.

   6.Do not be pushed to sign

Never sign a contract in an initial contact. Professional coaches always give potential clients time to think about it.

   7.Arrange a preliminary talk

Ask for a non-binding preliminary talk, the costs of which may be offset against the coaching. Often, however, a preliminary talk is also offered free of charge. Ask for written confirmation of your agreement. In the preliminary talk, you will have the coach’s approach explained in detail. Pay attention to the overall appearance of the person, documents, appearance, and expression. Besides, ask for written concepts and offers and analyze them in detail.


Check that the coach is maintaining discretion. Become suspicious if the coach gives references without the client’s permission.

   9.Verify independence

Make sure that the coach is personally and financially independent and not dependent on individual assignments. A severe coach shouldn’t ingratiate himself for assignments but allow the client to choose. Professional coaches specifically select assignments and can state their selection criteria at any time.



A coaching contract must always be signed in peace and after thorough research. When looking for a coach, leave as little as possible to chance. Good preparation, vigilance, and checking the coach’s competencies protect the client from dubious and dubious providers.

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