Top Clover Integrations For Seamless Data Organization

The Clover Station and other Clover models are great at processing payments, but that’s not all they have to offer. In fact when, you’re looking for a POS system, you should always expect more.

When you choose Clover, you’re getting a system that tracks and organizes your sales information. You can then generate reports to understand your busiest times, your best-selling items and a variety of other factors.

Not sure which system to choose? Here are the top Clover options.

Clover 2.0

An updated version of the classic Clover Station, the Clover 2.0 system is designed to work for nearly any establishment. Whether you work in retail or run a restaurant, this model has the software to help you succeed.

It can also accept many types of payments:

  • Magnetic strip cards
  • Chip cards
  • Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Samsung pay
  • Tap cards

Additionally, this system allows you to create rewards programs that cater to loyal customers. You can send out messages alerting clients about exclusive deals.

Clover Station Pro

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When it comes to data integration, the newest version of the Clover Station can’t be beat. The Clover Station Pro makes is easy to analyze your data and manage employees all on one device.

Additionally, this model boasts an impressive list of security features:

  • Fingerprint logins
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Data tokenization

These measure ensure that customer, employee and business information remain safe from prying eyes.

Clover Station

The original Clover Station is an all-in-one register and data system. It comes with a drawer, a reader and screen, allowing you to organize the pieces to fit your store’s needs.

What makes it different from other POS systems, however, is the ease with which it generates reports. Rather than struggling to organize your data with spreadsheets, you can simply select parameters within the software and watch as the system pulls the appropriate information.

Clover Flex

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A countertop POS system is great, but what if your staff are always on the move? If you run a restaurant, you could benefit from the Clover Flex terminal, a hand-held device that allows staff to take orders and take payments right at the table. Rather than having to run back and forth to input orders, staff can make updates and put notes right into the system wherever they are, saving time and energy for everyone in back of house.

Additionally, the Clover Flex can be used to scan and update inventory in real time. This means you always know what you have in your pantry or back room.

Clover Mini

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The Clover Mini is another great option for businesses that move often, such as caterers and food trucks. It’s small enough to fit on nearly any counter and can be easily packed for transport.

Additionally, it offers the same great software as the full-sized terminal, allowing you to review inventory, look at payroll and study sales. You can even issue gift cards and offer other perks customers will love.

With the right Clover terminal, you can accept credit cards with no monthly fee and increase the efficiency of your enterprise. No matter your business needs, there’s a Clover model that can help.

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