Tragic Nora Quoirin at 15 disappeared from her family cottage

The vulnerable British teenager, Nora Quoirin was just 15 years old and she did disappear from her family’s cottage that was situated in southern Nigeria in the Sembilan state of Malaysia. The teenager did this, just a day after arriving on the holiday. A coroner has ruled about the tragic mystery death of this young teenager and did not involve a third party. The death of this French Irish teenager whose body was found near a Malaysian jungle resort where she had vanished during a holiday was likely due to misadventure. She had disappeared from a rented cottage at the Dusun eco resort in the southern Negeri Sembilan state in Malaysia on 4th of August 2019. The family of the girl from Balham had appeared there just a day prior. Nora’s body was lying beside a stream on 13th of August on a palm oil estate that was 1.6 miles away from the resort. We are still awaiting the verdict of Malaysian coroner, Maimoonah Aid who is yet to say the statement between 31st of December and 4tg of January. 

Coroner statement made Nora’s parents disappointed

As the verdict of the coroner was recorded, Nora’s parents were extremely disappointed. Nora’s mom had heard the muffled sounds and she believes that her daughter was kidnapped. The customer had said on Monday that after he had heard all the relevant evidence, there was no one involved in the death of Nora Anne. He further added that he believes that the girl has died due to misadventure and that she had gone out of the Sora House of her own without any kind of intervention and the fact that she somehow got lost amidst the palm oil plantation. The police had investigated the matter and they have stated that there was no hint of criminal activities involved in the case. There are probable chances that the girl had clambered out of a broken window and thus, got lost in the plantation, all due to starvation and internal bleeding which have finally led her to die. 

On the contrary, the Irish and French parents of Nora, Meabh and Sebastien Quoirin said that she might have been abducted as she had a real difficulty in walking and the fact that she never goes anywhere all alone. They further added that she was born with holoprosencephaly, which happens to be a disorder which affects the brain development leaving Nora with learning disabilities and thus, she has been struggling with balance and coordination. Ms Quoirin stated that she had got plenty of reasons to comment about the kidnapping of her daughter although she is not qualified enough to dig deep into the roots and find out the reason behind the same. However, we expect the truth to be decoded and as there have been so many confusions, we wish the sorting out to be done as early as possible.

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