Tribute to the husband from the married couple with Down’s syndrome

It is rightly said that love is blind! This adage got proved once again when we pay tribute to the man on his death who has been the husband from the one of rhe first married couple from Britain having down’s syndrome. Before we dive deep into the discussion of the incident and uphold it before you in brief, let us first know a bit more about the disease and the reason for which it happens! Well, Down’s syndrome occurs as the result of the genetic material that happens due to an abnormality in the chromosome 21. It leads to a delay in the intellect of an individual and it also reflects in the development of a person. Now that you know the reason for which this syndrome is dominant, let us get into the issue right from here!

Tommy Pilling’s death created the news

Tommy Pilling, from Shoeburyness, Essex, who has been just 62 years old died on 1 January, 2021 which happened to be two weeks after contracting the virus. Mr Pilling and his wife Maryanne had marked their 25th wedding anniversary in the month of July and they had been shielding since the month of March. Mr Pilling’s sister-in-law, namely, Lindi Newman wrote, on Facebook: “I will cherish the thousands of memories I have with him.”

Besides, a statement on the Facebook page of the couple, Ms Newman thanked everyone for making Maryanne so much happy and also for being the best uncle that her kids could ever had! She even quoted his gratitude for being who he is, and also for touching the lives of so many other people for being who they are! The family has even stated that Maryanne and Tommy had met them at Southerland-on-sea in the year 1990 in a training centre for people suffering with learning disabilities. He had been there to spend just a day in 30 years before Mr Pilling required hospital treatment in the month of December. 

Pilling’s Facebook page states their popularity for being who they are! 

In one of the posts in the Facebook page, Mrs Pulling has stated that she seemed to be completely lost without her husband, Mr Pilling. She stated that her husband was found Covid positive on 16th of December last year and since then, he was admitted to the hospital. After treatment being started, it was found that Mr Pilling was suspected of pneumonia. Maryanne’s mother, Linda Martin stated that she has considered Mr Pilling to be her son. Last but not the least, she had expressed her gratitude and kindness for the staff members at Southend Hospital, Thurrock Community Hospital and Basildon Hospital for taking such good care of him at that emergency circumstances. Indeed what Mr Pilling had been all his life is certainly an inspiration for many! We salute them for being who they have been, and we are indeed proud to have such great men for the world to make a better place to thrive in! 

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