Two Google devices arrive at FCC, it would possibly be the new ‘Sabrina’ Android TV and remote

Sabrina’ Android TV
Sabrina’ Android TV

It has been just a few months now, we have been slowly learning more about Google’s next streaming device. It will be powered by the Android TV instead of a simple Chromecast. Two new Google devices have shown up at the FCC, and we believe to be the first-party Android TV and its remote. Prior to that of getting a device with wireless capabilities that can go on sale in the United States, it is essential to be specifically approved by the FCC. As we have come across the recent news that has flashed from our sources with the following update that two new devices have come along! Google recently submitted paperwork for two new devices with model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N this morning. 

From the description of GZRNL as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device,” we can say that this could be Google’s much-anticipated Android TV dongle. This has been codenamed Sabrina and poised to be a successor to the Chromecast Ultra.

As we dig further into its listing, we can find a card-shaped FCC label which says that if this is indeed for the Android TV dongle, you would likely go on the rear. Beyond all of it, the FCC shows that this GZRNL device only supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Meanwhile, G9N9N is listed as a “Wireless Device. Just by looking at a diagram showing the device’s FCC label and location, we can see that the label will be found “under the power cover.” This does indicate that we have been looking at the matching remote to go with the Android TV dongle. Since most remotes have a “power cover” to hold the batteries in place, that’s pretty obvious! 

The only other thing we stand to learn about this potential remote is that the only kind of connection it uses is none other than the Bluetooth. All the interesting parts of these FCC listings, such as pictures, reveal that these two devices are locked behind the FCC’s temporary confidentiality until that of late January. Both of these devices are notably “Made in Thailand” as Google seeks to diversify its supply chain. Furthermore, we have also noted that the last time a mystery device showed up at the FCC, these new model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N don’t seem to line up with any past product lines which Google has offered. Past Chromecasts have typically used model numbers that refer to that of the Star Trek, such as NC2-6A5 loosely referencing that of the NCC-1701.

That’s all for today, stay tuned to our website and we shall update you as soon as anything comes up. 

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