Uber Buys 270,000 Packages of Clorox Wipes for Drivers Amid Pandemic


Uber has committed to purchasing 270,000 packages of Clorox disinfectant wipes for its New York City drivers as it seeks to assure customers that it's safe to get back on the road, the company said.

Uber will ship 90,000 packages a month over the next three months. Most drivers will receive the wipes directly, while others will pick it up at one of Uber's Greenlight hubs.

Uber customers who call a car will receive notification in the app that Clorox wipes will be available to them when their trip arrives if they want to disinfect the area around where they are sitting, the company said.

The campaign comes as Uber has seen its passenger numbers drop by more than 80 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company confirmed to The Post that travel has increased from its March and April lows, but still remains below its pre-pandemic numbers.

"We want to help drivers stay safe while helping the world move again and give passengers confidence that they are getting into a clean and sanitized car," said Chad Dobbs, Uber general manager for New York City. York, in a statement.

Drivers in the Chicago and Atlanta area, two areas that were also affected by the pandemic, will also receive 330,000 combined packages of Clorox wipes.

The company has also trained drivers on the best way to disinfect their cars, identifying the surfaces drivers are most likely to interact with to target them for cleaning between trips, such as armrests, door handles, and window buttons, he said.

In April, Uber promised to send "tens of millions" of face masks to its drivers to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.


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