How to use search console & optimize the better performing pages?

How to use search console & optimize the better performing pages_

About Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the open source platform introduced by the Google Search Engine to help the website owners and the bloggers to integrate with their website and check the performance. By using the Google Search Console, You can scan and analyze the websites performance in the Google Search Results Page (SERP) and optimize the website based on that.

It can be integrated very easily with your website. You can just login to the Google Search Console with the help if your email id and using that you can create account for your website. You can just add your website URL to the search console and integrate the code to the header of the website.about search console

Once this is done and verified, you can check your site stats in Search Console. If you are finding difficult to integrate the Google Search Console with your website, then you can check out the blog written by me, Dinesh Kumar VM about steps in creating a website where I have explained about the search console integration in detail.

Features of Google Search Console

Search Console is the great asset for the website owners to identify all the errors and flaws in the website and make it better for the search engines to crawl and rank a site. There are many features available in the Google Search Console and below are the some,

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  • URL Inspection
  • Coverage Issue
  • XML Sitemap Submission
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Mobile Usability
  • Backlinks, etc

There are still more features available in the Google Search Console to explore and make the website better.

Identifying the better performing pages

You may use many third party tools like ahrefs, SEMrush to identify the ranks of your website. You may use these third party tools to identify the better performing pages which receives more traffic from Google.

All the data from the third party plugins may be right upto some extent and you cant guarantee that it’s cent percent perfect. Ofcourse you can use the third party tools to identify the competitors backlinks and other stats. But when it comes to making changes in your website, Google Search Console will provide you with the best accurate data.

identifying the better performing pages

In the “Performance” section in the Google Search Console, you can find the traffic data to your website based on various factors like landing pages, country, devices and many more. So based on that you can easily know which page receives more traffic and for which page you need to make some changes to improve the ranks.

So in the performance section in the search console, you can filter the best performing landing pages in your website based on the factors mentioned below,

  • Queries
  • Pages
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Search Appearance
  • Dates

Even you can filter the traffic based on the specific date range and compare the website performance.

performance of your landing pages in search console

Above image is just an example of one of the website and you can see from the image, it shows the list of top search queries for which the website is appearing more in the search results.

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Similarly when you click on the Countries tab, It will show the data as like mentioned below which shows the list of countries from where you get more traffic from the organic search results.

location based performance in search console

Similarly the pages tab will show the list of landing pages (website URL’s) which gets more traffic from the organic search results.

Optimizing the landing pages

So by using the Performance section in the search console, you can able to identify the landing pages which has more traffic. Now you may think on how to find the low performing pages and update it to rank better.

optimizing the landing pages

As mentioned in the above image, under the pages tab, sort the landing pages with impressions. So now it will be sorted with the landing pages from more number of impressions to less number. Here find the pages which has more impressions, but less Clicks & CTR.

So now you need to tweak those pages. Updating the with the proper On Page SEO will help those pages to improve further and you will get more clicks. Make sure you have the catchy title tag to make the users click on your link and land on your website So this will ideally increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).

You can find more such landing page optimization tips at ClickDo blog which is regularly updated by Fernando Raymond and team.

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If you make the landing pages better with the On Page content, better title, adding more videos/media files in the landing page, etc. Then ideally it will improve your website ranks in Google and help you rank better and get more clicks from the Google Search.

How to index the newly created pages quickly?

Say if you are creating and publishing a new page in your website. Usually it will take some time to get indexed by Google naturally. But you can speed up the indexation process in two ways. One is by sharing the newly published link in the social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and in other platforms. This will help the links to get indexed soon by the search engines.

The other methods to index the newly published links quickly is by submitting the newly published links for indexing with the help of the Google Search Console.

As shown in the below image, you can login to the Google Search Console and then submit the newly published link in the inspect section.

index the newly created landing pages

After inspecting the website URL in the search console. You can submit the link to the Google Search directly for indexing. This will speed up the indexing process and your link will be indexed very soon.

Also, while inspecting the URL, Google Search Console will show the inspect results from which you can find and fix the errors if any. As a website owner or blogger, you can follow these smart ways to identify the better landing pages of your website and improve the ranks of your website on Google SERP’s.

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