Vaping Terms Every User Should Know

When a person starts vaping, or taking CBD 1000mg vape juice they wonder what many of the words and phrases they hear mean. The terms and abbreviations overwhelm them and leave them questioning their purchases, the activity itself, and more. The following glossary benefits new vapers and those have been engaging in this activity for some time. Use the handy manual when you have a question about anything having to do with this hobby, as you will probably find the answer you desire.


Advanced vaporizers feature a tank that screws on, and the 510 refers to the connection used on these products. Keep this in mind as you go to find deals at IndeJuice.

Adjustable Airflow

Every atomizer includes porting to allow air to move through the device and into the user’s mouth and lungs. This process produces vapor and allows for efficient inhalation. Many devices on the market today allow the user to adjust the airflow with the help of a small rotating sleeve.

All-Day Vaporizer Mod

An all-day vaporizer mod or all-day vape refers to flavors that last for hours at a time or all day, allowing the vaper to have a complete experience.


Vapers use this term when they speak of conventional smoking.


Also referred to as PV, APV stands for advanced personal vaporizer or personal vaporizer, both terms used for advanced vaping devices.


When it comes to vape devices, the atomizer remains the most critical component. This small tube features a coil that connects a positive and negative lead. When power is sent to the atomizer, the coil heats and converts the e-juice into the vapor form needed for inhalation. Most atomizers come with wrapped cotton, and this cotton absorbs the juice and vaporizes the liquid. A person might hear this referred to as Atty (s), which is the shorthand version of atomizer.


Vape devices come with either a removable or built-in battery along with a dedicated charging cable. The removable batteries allow users to change the power source when they desire. Most come with a milliamp-hours (mAh) rating, which provides information about the battery life between charges. Furthermore, the amperage rating of the battery provides information about which MODs the battery works with. Most batteries fall within the 10A (amps) to 35A range.

Box Mods

Upon seeing the name, people often assume a box mod is a modification of an earlier device. However, these units come with advanced features, so users have fewer modifications to make. Select from a cylindrical pen-style device or one in a case that resembles a box. The modification of the unit is set at the time of purchase and determined by the chipset or chip. Calibration of the chip ensures the device offers a variable wattage, voltage, or temperature control draw when the vape tank is in place.


Certain devices come with a rebuildable atomizer deck. The user chooses from a rebuildable atomizer (RBA), a rebuildable deck atomizer (RDA), or a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA). The user also needs cotton and wire to complete the rebuild process.


The cartridge is the vaporizer component that attaches to the battery and forms a mouthpiece. This element holds the e-liquid or e-juice.

Cartomizer or Cart

Rather than using an atomizer and a separate cartridge, some devices use a hybrid that holds the liquid and vaporizes it.

Catch a Vape

Users say this when they plan to take a break and vape.


When a person creates an enormous cloud, people say they are chucking a cloud.


These basic electronic cigarettes remain popular with beginners, as they resemble the traditional cigarettes quite a few men and women are moving away from. Many people often refer to these items as e-cigarettes because of their appearance.

Cloud Chasers or Monsters

Certain vapers work hard to create impressive clouds and often compete with others to see who comes out the winner. They experiment with different setups to find the ideal setup for this purpose.


When it comes to a vape device, the coil remains the most important component. This small tube comes with a positive and negative lead. When the user activates the device, power goes to the coil and heats it. As the coil heats, the device converts the e-liquid to vapor. Coils come wrapped so the user can change the resistance. More wraps lead to higher resistance, while low wraps offer less resistance and allow for increased wattage use. Coils come in nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and hybrid options.


Certain individuals search out the latest in gear and struggle with GAS  or gear acquisition syndrome. They have amassed a collection of hardware and accessories designed for vaping.


When a person uses a vape device, they take a drag and slowly bring the vapor into their mouth. The drag lasts up to six seconds and, when done properly, provides the user with an outstanding experience that maximizes their pleasure.


Individuals, when they think of a vape device, think of one that includes a tank for storing the e-juice. Dripping offers an alternative to this vaping method. When a person drips, they manually add e-juice to the atomizer a few drops at a time. This method provides the user with more control over the e-juice and how they get it. To use this method, the vaper must build a coil, add a cotton wick, and prime it. Dripping doesn’t work with pre-built coil heads unless the user gets an RBA head.

Drip Tip

Individuals interested in dripping need to invest in a drip tip. This hollow mouthpiece sits on top of the atomizer to make dripping easier. Vapers replace their cartridge or cartomizer with this device to allow for dripping into the atomizer.

Direct-to-Lung or DTL

Often referred to as direct lung inhale or DLI, this vaping technique allows the user to pull the vapor directly into their lungs. People familiar with the technique compare it to inhaling the helium from a balloon as opposed to smoking a tobacco cigarette.


Individuals refer to the flavored liquids by a variety of names. Some users call it flavor, and other vapers prefer the term e-juice. Vape juice and vape liquid may also be heard when a person talks about the liquid they use in their vape device, and all monikers refer to the same thing. Users add this flavored liquid to their electronic cigarette or vaporizer. Manufacturers make e-liquids by combining propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. Many e-liquids also contain nicotine, but not all do.


Many people refer to vaporizers as eGo, which is nothing more than a generic name for these devices. They look nothing like conventional cigarettes.

Flavor Chasers

Just as some vapers aim to create the biggest cloud, certain individuals focus on creating the ideal flavor and will experiment with a variety of blends and recipes to achieve this goal.


Occasionally, juice makes its way into the tank’s air passage, a process referred to as flooding. This happens with all devices, even advanced ones, because of physics.

Hot Spot

A section of the coil may overheat, resulting in a hot spot. This problem occurs when the coil has a short.


Manufacturers measure APV battery power in milliamps per hour.


Some users find they prefer vape devices that lack a pre-installed battery or circuitry. These devices, known as mech mods, continue to increase in popularity. Expert vapers and individuals who love to experiment with new builds prefer this vape style over others available today.


Users call larger vaporizers that come with a big battery mods, and many users compare these devices to a flashlight. Mods allow for modifications as desired by the user. In general terms, any vaporizer that doesn’t look like a conventional cigarette would fall into the mod category. This holds for both professionally manufactured and homemade devices.

Mouth-to-Lung or MTL

Individuals who smoke or have done so in the past prefer the mouth-to-lung vaping technique. Vapers draw the vapor into their mouth where they hold it before inhaling.


OLED refers to the device screen which shares information about the ohms, volts, and watts.


Certain vaporizers function while charging thanks to the pass-through charging cord.

Propylene Glycol

Manufacturers make e-liquids using four basic ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavors. Propylene glycol comes in many products designed for human consumption, including in asthma inhalers. However, some individuals have a mild reaction to the substance and experience an itchy throat. A high concentration of PG produces a throat hit, making it inappropriate for sub-ohm devices because the hit would be too strong.


Vapers who smoke or have smoked in the past and wish to imitate the traditional smoking experience with their vaping are referred to as purists.

Rebuildable Tanks and Droppers

Two separate types of devices, these atomizers allow the user to modify the device to suit their needs. The major difference between the two lies in the tank’s size. Rebuildable tanks have a regular tank, while rebuildable drippers offer little juice capacity.

Sub-ohm vaping

Vapers often want to produce more vapor without upgrading their device. This led to the introduction of sub-ohm vaping. Manufacturers now offer devices that achieve less than a single ohm of resistance in the circuit, doing so by boosting the current moving through the device while decreasing the coil wire resistance. Doing so results in more heat and better consistency, which results in increased vapor.

Temperature Control

Advanced vaporizers come with temperature control features which allow users to control the taste of the vape and the amount of vapor produced. The user manually sets the heat produced at the coil. Once this information has been input. The mod adjusts the current and wattage to achieve this goal.

Vegetable Glycerin

Along with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin (VG) appears in e-liquids. This substance comes from plant oils that occur in nature, and it produces a slightly sweet taste.

These serve as only some words and phrases a person might encounter in their vaping experience. Keep learning the terminology, different techniques, and more. When you do so, you’ll find you come to enjoy this activity even more.

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