What do the alleged Leaked text messages about the Delphi Murders mean?

This news had left shocked people when everyone got to hear about the two dead bodies of teenagers. The incident took place on February 13th, 2017, 13 year old Abigail ‘’Abby’ Williams and this 14 years- old Liberty ‘Libby’ German were on the way to the Monon High Bridge in their home town of Delphi, Ind. They were going to their school and took an unused way on snowy day. They were posting everything about their whereabouts in the early afternoon hours but after few hours there was no news about them. It was like they all of sudden stopped posting about their whereabouts. 

This report was filed when they did not reach to the home after two hours and they even stopped posting about their whereabouts. When police went to find out them, they found nothing but their dead bodies. Both of the girls died and everyone was confused how did this happen. 

Scene after three years – 

O when this incident had taken place everyone was shocked, aghast and confused but during this three years police were trying to collect evidence. So they collected little evidence in last three years about that tragic death or murder of teenagers. No one knows the reason of death and investigators are trying to find out reason behind their death. They are also trying to figure out the crime scene and they got a signature there and they are hoping that it can be helpful. The scene where it took place at Delphi, it is a small town having 3,000 dwellers. So we all can imagine it has left a great remark in the lives of people, where everyone knows everyone. And they all are very well aware about each other’s lives so locals are wishing that murderer must be found out. 

News coming out –

Well, news is coming out that while Libby was recording a video, a man, behind her was walking and Abby Williams is believed to be murder of them. He was also heard many at times ‘Guys, down the hill,’ in the short video and investigators are trying to figure out based on the evidence. And police are trying to figure out in every possible way, they are also trying to circulate text among people. Police has also requested if anyone gets to know anything about this case, they can inform us and help us. 

What are those alleged Delphi Murders leaked text messages about?

In the year 2020 messages were getting circulated and people thought now they are going to get the murder. This message was broken down by the YouTube channel ZavGirl and it was entitled as ‘Text messages from the Guy that found Abby and Libby? What do you all think?’ and this video got viewed more than 18,000 times. 

This incident is getting mysterious each day and people are getting involved into this. Well, a recent news had come that the friend had texted a man named David and he had claimed that he had found out the dead bodies.  But then he wrote that, ‘’oh no that is not her nor Libby’’.

Winding up –

Although, the final verdict is waited and people are just wishing to get this mystery be solved as soon as possible. So that people of Delphi could breathe in the right way and in a safe zone. Since, this news had come lives of people of Delphi was much affected and it also caused them so much. So we all can pray and hope this murder to get solved and they get justice. 

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