What is a Private Proxy and Where to Get Them?

Private proxies are proxies accessible to only one user at a time. Such a proxy operates from a specific or dedicated IP address. The contexts of a private proxy vary because you can access it through a data center or from a residential proxy.

When generated from a data center, the proxy becomes a dedicated data center proxy. It, therefore, requires an in-depth analysis to understand what it means to classify a proxy as private.

The exclusivity of private proxies

So what is a private proxy for your business? It is a dedicated IP address that your company will use to connect to websites of interest. The unique aspect of the resource lies in the fact that it remains inaccessible to any other user while you are using it.

The best private proxy uses an authentication process. The two common authentication means are:

1. IP Authentication by whitelisting

When you pay for a private proxy for your business, your provider assigns you an IP address. When you proceed to whitelist that IP address with your proxy provider, it confirms that only you can access that proxy by that whitelisted IP.

2. Password and username authentication

You use a unique set of login details comprising your password and username. The method requires you to configure your IP port with those login details.

Types of private proxies

The three types of these proxies that function by hiding their public IP address include the private residential proxies. The proxy provider assigns these to specific homes and those residing there access the internet using them.

Private dedicated proxies conceal the real IP used by your business to provide anonymity online. It is a data center IP address. The third type is the private mobile proxy. You install it on cell phones associated with certain Internet Service Providers.

Choosing a private proxies provider

Dedicated proxies require substantial financial input in installation and maintenance. If you go for cheap or free sources, it means another party is footing your bill. You should not find that thrilling on account of budgetary concerns and profit margins for your business.

That’s highly risky because the proxy provider could have malicious intent in setting up the proxy. Your subscription to that server exposes your company to nefarious activities like phishing, hacking and destruction of your device by malware.

Benefits of private proxies


Considering a private proxy belongs to your business only, you can use it without the guilt that you’re using another person’s online tools without their consent.


Public proxies have limited restrictions on accessibility by users. This means your business becomes exposed to dubious individuals like hackers and fraudsters on the same proxy. Ensure the supplier uses advanced technology and tools to secure clients’ information.

Be wary too of some providers who pose as proxy supply companies but they intend to get you on board and sell your information to other cybercriminals.


Take advantage of free trial offers to test proxies’ speed of the connection.

Choosing an appropriate private proxies provider

Look for affordable proxies

Without overlooking the earlier mentioned risks inherent in cheap or free private proxies, note though that you don’t need to break the bank for authentic private proxies. Just perform adequate due diligence to get value for your money.

Take advantage of the money back guarantee offers and free trials. Remember though that the value of your business data, integrity and identity supersedes the high expenses of a private proxy server.

What do others say?

Do not rely on advertisements and the provider company’s websites when looking for a supplier. Instead, look for user testimonials and reviews. If you find none of that, or you find more negative reviews than the positive, take your time and cast your net wider. Identify authoritative proxy review sites for reliable information.

Consider too that some unscrupulous providers pay to have dubious or fake reviews posted for their businesses. Nevertheless, authentic and reliable proxy suppliers have a greater online presence and encourage a review of their services.

Customer support

Before committing yourself to make a private proxy purchase for your enterprise, contact the supplying company. Is the company staff easily accessible? How responsive and knowledgeable is the customer support team?

Technical aspects

Another consideration to take into account is the technical aspects of your prospective proxy provider. Your business intends to access the server in exclusivity. Does the company offer an adequate pool of proxies for your needs, usable without attracting flagging and blocking of your IP address?

Business needs and standards vary. With that guidance, you can decide on the best option after comparing the proxies offered by different suppliers. Although speed and security should come high on your bucket list, do not overlook budgetary implications and customer support while shopping for private proxies resources.

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