What is Holding you back? Say it All with No Fear

What is holding you back from speaking your heart out? Who is it behind your fear of giving your honest opinions? As humans, we spend loads of time thinking about life and our reaction to certain events around the world. Ever thought about the possible barriers that are holding us back from saying it out loud? 

Crumpled thoughts and pent up anger cause a loss of clarity. This is why it is crucial, to be honest and speak one’s mind out. Given the world’s harsh realities, many of us are too afraid as we fear backlash and criticism. This is true for online discussions and real-life situations where one might be too scared to raise their voice against injustice. 

The Importance of Clarity

Silence not only causes a lack of clarity but also weakens one’s progress. If you have become frustrated and confused about certain events impacting you and your loved ones, you need to find someone to talk to. This can be best done on online platforms where you can find like-minded people. You don’t necessarily have to reveal your true identity. 

Yes, you read this one, right! You can stay anonymous and be JohnDoe while ranting about whatever upsets you. No matter what the nature of the topic is, political, or related to religion, gender, whatever comes to your mind, you need to get it out of your system and find some clarity.

Stop Justifying and be a Realist

The first step towards becoming who you truly are is by eliminating self-justifications. Be aware of what lies you feed to yourself and others for making up for someone else’s mistakes. If you do so, it will only emphasize how weak you are and how less control you have over your own life.  Get in the driver seat of your life and live fearlessly by saying it all without getting yourself in trouble. Be the John Doe of your era.

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