What Is Topical Apple Cider Vinegar Good For?

Apple cider vinegar is fantastic for you and has so many uses, beyond what one might think. Are you thinking about the food usages of apple cider vinegar? There is much, much more to apple cider vinegar when compared to other food based products. Topical uses cover so many different areas, and that is what we are going to talk about here. Wow, apple cider vinegar does so much good it is unbelievable!


Is apple cider vinegar good for hair? Yes apple cider vinegar is wonderful for your hair. It will create a fabulous effect on your hair with extended application. It can be used as a conditioner that is natural and will remove all that unwanted buildup. Everyone knows what it feels like when hair products are used over and over again. They can cause buildup and feel either greesy or caked up residue on your scalp, and especially the hair. Nobody likes this feeling or tangled mess of build up. It can be seriously brought to your attention at the barber and or salon. Who can not help but notice when the stylist is spraying water and combing to try and work with a mess of build up. That is an embarrassing situation. Apple cider vinegar hair care products will strip out the buildout, properly cleaning a person’s hair and scalp. This will leave a clean head to work with both for a hair professional and for personal use at home.

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The list of uses for apple cider vinegar is extensive. Another great application is weight loss! It is known for reduction in gut weight and health. It is the new trend that people all over the world are utilizing apple cider vinegar and showing great results. One of the advantages to this healthy product is a desire not to consume as many calories.


On another great health accord, and a great use of apple cider vinegar is with sugar. It is a natural remedy that helps with blood sugar levels. This has been a great discovery for diabetics all over the planet. It can greatly increase carb intake by a large percentage. This will create a hard and fast reduction in blood sugar levels.

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In the times we are currently living with a global pandemic happening. This benefit is so huge for colds and sore throats. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial components that can help with overall health, regularly and during these times.


Apple cider vinegar also works great as a household cleansing product. And with its antibacterial part it can be a fabulous alternative to harsh chemicals, while still getting the job done!


There are countless opportunities for using apple cider vinegar in our daily lives. Sunburn relief is a painful problem and this stuff will actually sooth it. Soothing of jellyfish stings is another thing that makes apple cider vinegar, kind of a catch all product. If you have personally been stung by a jellyfish you will understand the pain and the relief properties. Having said that is probably no surprise that it actually can repel fleas and ticks on your pets too!



Apple cider vinegar is truly amazing for so many reasons, even beyond what is mentioned in the aritcle. The list really goes on and on and we could spend a day talking about it.


So getting back to the subject of hair care products. This stuff is a dream come true in regards to hair care. Apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner is a great cleanser of buildup and creates solid ph in the hair. It will bring a gorgeous shine with a healthy feeling scalp. Hair will eventually gain thickness and just be overall healthier. Making you feel good and looking great.

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