What to expect from the Fortnite 7 update, given its massive success in terms of sales!

Fortnite season 7

EPIC has some amazing news about how well it has performed on the iOS platform before we head towards the next season.

The Epic’s monstrous Fortnite project just won’t stop amusing us from its news and there is one news in particular which could substantiate the aforementioned statement.

Ever since the game Fortnite Battle Royale was available for free back in September 2017, the game has seen its earnings reach a new height thanks to the committed players buying in-game V-bucks to unlock skins and items for their characters.

After they released the game to a console and PC back in 2017, Epic released the game on iOS in April 2018, and in doing so they have just started to earn revenue like never before.

In a recent Sensor Tower’s store intelligence report, it came to notice that fortnite has grossed more than $350 million to date from iPhone and iPad users alone. And much to our surprise a whopping $55.4 million of that figure coming from October sale only.  

That means last month saw a 6.3% uptick month-on-month, with fortnite representing a 10th highest game for users spending across all iOS apps- meaning it is the most valuable app in both ios and google play.

The report of sensor tower also notes that in the month of October a massive 3.9 million new players were drawn to play this amazing game. To be accurate fortnite has been downloaded 74.2 million times on iOS devices.

So, what does that mean for the season 7?

Well, it is a good thing for players and developers alike. Since its growth was so massive that the international investors could not resist but invest $1.25 billion in the last month. The international investors names being KKR, ICONIQ capital, smash ventures, aXiomatic, Vulcan capital, Kleiner Perkins and lightspeed Venture, partners.

This massive amount was invested so that they can concentrate more on eSports and live events. So, we can expect EPIC to focus on the competitive side in the next season. Also, better server performance looks like a thing that they will definitely strive for in the next season along with maybe less downtime. We cannot just thank enough to the international investors for investing and making them work in the technical, back-end side of the game.

What fortnite’s next season brings is yet to be seen and we hope it will be no less than a super hit game in the gaming industry.  

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