You may soon be able to recover an iPhone without your computer


Apple seems to be testing the ability to restore its iPhone or iPad to its new cash status with a feature that will be available wirelessly.

It is possible that the game has been delivered with revealing details that point to a feature that will make it a reality in the third beta version of iOS 13.4.

Within that beta version there are mentions of a function called "Operating System Recovery" and it seems to be a way to restore iOS and Apple devices wirelessly. You can also make it possible by connecting the device with errors on another iPhone or iPad so that it works again well.

To restore and reinstall operating systems on Apple devices currently, you must connect them to a computer. A feature like this available on the Internet would certainly eliminate the pain of going through the process a bit.

It would also bring you much closer to the way Apple's Migration Assistant tool works on Mac.

Of course, there are some devices in the Apple family like the Apple Watch and HomePod smart speaker that would definitely benefit from adding a feature like this.

As this has emerged in a beta version, Apple may be testing it and may choose not to include it. Or it could be setting things to the standard to launch it in a future iOS update. Maybe for iOS 14, which will probably land later this year.

Via 9To5Mac


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