5 Helpful Design Tips for Small Kitchens

The kitchen is arguably the most important part of the house. It is that place where meals necessary for daily survival are prepared. But more than this, it helps occupants have a bonding space.

You might have even noticed that some corporate offices have a staff kitchen. This is because they understand the importance and want to make good use of it.

For instance, a lot of important and friendly discussions are held on the kitchen’s island while food is prepared or even when nothing is going on. It is for this reason and more that homeowners need to ensure this part of the house is in the best shape.

However, some people have a basic problem with space. With ever-increasing prices of properties in the real estate market or the need to build sustainable homes, some of us end up with small kitchens.

As a result, we have a hard time figuring how to make this part of the home look good. Well, not to worry as we will share 5 helpful design tips for small kitchens.

Get It Right from the Start

Frankly, the desire to have a good-looking kitchen starts before you get an interior designer to arrange the place for you or do it yourself. It starts from the moment the house plan is underway.

This simply means that the blueprint used to design the building should pay serious attention to the kitchen area. For instance, the position of the window(s) and the shape of the entire space should be good enough.

You should ensure that you engage the services of a good architect to make sure of this. You could also get good stock or even custom-designed house plans from reliable platforms online.

Just make sure the plan is good enough. You can see some House Plans by Truoba Residential Architects to understand how a kitchen should be fitted into the blueprint.

Helpful Design Tips for Small Kitchens

After you must have made use of a good house design plan that gives proper consideration to the kitchen area, here are some helpful design tips for your kitchen:

Maximize the Kitchen Walls

We would like to stress that this should only be done if the kitchen is a small one. We suggest that you avoid this if yours has a lot of space.

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Having established this, making use of your kitchen walls can help you maximize space. There are hanging objects that you can install to help you achieve this.

These hangers will help keep your pans, pots, utensils, and some other items when they are not in use. You will also realize that doing this will free up space in your cabinet, allowing you ease in finding items.

Maximize Your Window

Make good use of your kitchen window if you have one. This is by installing one or two layers of shelves depending on the size and look of your window.

You can then store items such as condiments, knives, and some other things. Do not cluster this storage setup with items. This is so that your kitchen will not have a bad look from outside and the flow of air will not be obstructed. Just a few items are enough as this is only a backup plan.

Tables that can be Flipped Up and Down

We strongly recommend that you have a table that can be flipped up and down. These tables are attached firmly to the wall and have levers that allow them to open and close. You can use this table to save space and act as a utility object.

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For instance, you can chop your vegetables and pack after use. You can even decide to eat on it depending on the height, size, and strength of the table.

Cabinets Can Do More

For a small kitchen, you need to be creative to save space. One of the ways to go about this is by making more use of the cabinet.

Rather than overstocking the inside of the cabinet, you can create storage setups on the sides. This little addition can help you store things like your cooking instruction books and other things.

Be Wise With Island

Frankly, some kitchen spaces are just too small to have an island. However, some small ones still have it.

Those spaces that can afford to have one should be deliberate about making good use of the island. For instance, a lot of kitchen preparations will have to be done there. However, it should always be cleaned up after use to keep your space looking spick and span.

Wrap Up

You can still make the most of a small kitchen and we have discussed this possibility by sharing helpful design tips here. We hope that you make informed decisions by adhering to the tips shared here.

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