Amazon strengthens its base in the health sector

The times are tough as everyone is too concerned about the health and how one can keep a safe distance. The concerns and issues of employees are equally justifiable as it has taken a lot of toll on their health and mind, owing to the uncertainty associated to work in the offices, especially during Covid 19 times. 

Hence, in order to sense the gravity of the situation, Amazon has come to help its employees in a full-fledged manner. The company is doing all it can to create a favorable and conducive environment for its work force where it can equally take care about health and safety aspect. 

Currently, Amazon has started to give its employees in Washington virtual and in-person health services to its employees across the nations. 

Amazon is upbeat regarding the success of its program as it was launched 18 months ago to thousands of workers 

Amazon knows that employees are the backbone and the company is rightly investing on the same aspect so that they can relate to the kind deeds on a personal level. 

Video visits and virtual chats 

Amazon care providers’ medical facilities for treating workers of injury, illness. Similarly, they do Covid 19 testing, flu shots along with various other services. Based on the prescription of the doctors, the medications are sent to the patient’s address. 

Well, the services happen through virtual chats or video visits. However, if there is a necessity there is also an in-person visit by providers to workers’ homes as well. 

The program is launched with a vision and long term approach, as it also checks the needs of the dependants of the workers.  In a way to understand the exact issue, it is always better to have the same team of medical professionals, and Amazon has ensured the that, as it sets a personal touch which has long term benefits as well. 

Amazon has also launched an App to enhance the functioning of the service for easily reaching out to the employees. 

The services have already been started at the Amazon care and employees working in Washington can avail the services. 

Well, it is soon going to be extended to the employees of Amazon along with other companies across the nation. 

Amazon has realized the massive needs of people with regards to sending the medical professionals in person as it has extended its services not just to Washington DC but equally to various areas in the form of Maryland, Baltimore etc. 

This has been a required change due to the fact that Amazon has faced lots of flak over not doing much with regards to the proper upkeep of the work place, and it is really a welcome decision. 

It is true that due to the pandemic, virtual interactions are going to supersede face-to-face interactions with the medical professionals by 2023.

The move is rightly appreciated by people across the world as it gives a sense of attachment and belonging that the company is actually concerned about the health and rights of the employees. 

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