Angela Bassett Is Not In Mission Impossible 7: All Information Related To It

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This is Angela Bassett not in Mission Impossible 7. Angela Bassett is an actress and she has been rumored to be in the new mission impossible movie. But many other actors have been picked for the role too, so her inclusion cannot be confirmed yet.

Why Angela Bassett is not in Mission Impossible 7?

Maybe we got too greedy. Mission: Impossible Fallout is one of the best movies in years. One reason it is so great is that the characters are all fighting with each other. It’s really funny because they do not know what to expect from each other. Except for some important characters, we wanted everyone in the cast to come back.

A key member from  Fallout will not be in the new Mission Impossible movie. That person is Angela Bassett’s character, Erika Sloane. And we have COVID to blame for it.

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“I can’t tease anything about Mission: Impossible 7 except that, well, COVID took me out, literally. Or kept me out, how about that? So that’s all I know about that, but maybe I’ll be able to tease 8 when that comes along.”

COVID has affected many movies. It delayed some films in production, including this one. But the most important effect is what COVID does to people worldwide. In the grand scheme of things, not being able to see Bassett’s CIA director is not the biggest deal, but we are disappointed. Here’s hoping that the franchise will change. Then she can come back.

Who is Angela Bassett?

Oscar-nominated actor Angela Bassett has been making the rounds doing interviews for “Gunpowder Milkshake,” an ensemble action flick she co-stars in alongside Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Carla Gugino, and Michelle Yeoh. The femme-centric movie is assassinating the competition on Netflix but, of course, it’s not the only topic on the minds of interviewers. Bassett is, after all, also part of several huge movie franchises, including the Tom Cruise anchored “Mission: Impossible” series.

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Bassett joined the spy thriller franchise in “Mission: Impossible Fallout” where she played Erika Sloane, the latest director of the CIA. At first, Sloane distrusts Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team, which leads to her assigning Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) to trail the renegade operative. As anyone who’s seen the movie knows, that ends rather poorly. However, the whole ordeal does lead Sloane to re-evaluate her feelings about Hunt and the IMF, which theoretically sets up a new dynamic for the pair in the subsequent movies.

Unfortunately, though, it sounds like we won’t be following up with Sloane in “Mission: Impossible 7” after all. Bassett revealed that she isn’t making an appearance in the upcoming movie during an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub and the reason why should now be all too familiar to cinema lovers.

Angela Bassett Won't Be Returning for Mission: Impossible 7
Source: Screen

What is the main reason Angela Bassett is not in Mission Impossible 7?

During her conversation with Weintraub and co-star Gugino, Bassett was asked to give fans of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise a tease of what to expect from the upcoming film. “I can’t tease anything about ‘Mission: Impossible 7,'” Bassett responded, clarifying, “except that, well, COVID took me out. Literally. Or, kept me out, how about that? So, yeah, that’s all I know about that.”

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Back in 2020, Bassett had said that she believed she would be making an appearance in “Mission: Impossible 7.” She told, “The real conversation is when, I think they’ve begun filming, or that was the plan, but you know in these trying times. But I do have the pages, we’ll just see when I get the ticket to fly and go do my part, but that’s coming up and I’m really excited about it.”

It looks like between then and now, those plans were scrapped. Fans of Erika Sloane shouldn’t fret, though. After dropping the news that she wouldn’t be in the next installment, Bassett did say, “So maybe I’ll be able to tease [‘Mission: Impossible 8’] when that comes along.”

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