Cosmic Sin Ending Explained: All The Information Related To It

cosmic sin ending

If you are looking for a cosmic sin ending explained then this article is going to give all the information that you need. The cosmic sin game is a new concept in gaming and it has created quite a buzz around the internet. This video game takes on many aspects of traditional role-playing games as well as adding some unique twists like cosmic sins. Cosmic sins are basically your moral choices in life, which can impact both your world and other worlds too!

What is the ending of Cosmic Sin?

We are going to the future in an era that has a lot of space things. People are living on space colonies, and blowing up the colonies where other people live. It sounds like a crazy place!

One gruff son of a space gun who has made a name for himself as an explorer of his fellow space folk is one James Ford (Bruce Willis), better known as “The Blood General,” who killed 70 million colonists through the use of a Quantum Bomb during an attempted secession.

That the name “The Blood General” implies the existence of a “Blood Specific” is a matter for another day. “Cosmic Sin” is only 88 minutes long, so there isn’t a lot of time for hilarious “Unbreakable” logic tomfoolery. The takeaway here is that Ford wound up at the business end of a redemption arc well before the movie began.

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Luckily, he gets a chance to make good when humanity is attacked by the Sigea, aliens with the ability to control people’s minds through the liberal application of black goop. With the promise of whatever the opposite of a dishonorable discharge is let’s say an honorable recharge. Ford teams up with a scrappy group of fellow explosion enthusiasts to give the Sigea what for in a little maneuver called “Operation: Cosmic Sin.”

Bruce Willis' next sci-fi movie 'Cosmic Sin' reused the official poster of  Die Hard 4 (same scars even): weeklyplanetpodcast

Cosmic Sin Ending: Is General Ryle Dead or Alive?

At the end of the story, no one is alive. There is an epilogue where we see people who survived. Corporal Ardene and Ryle’s son Braxton Ryle made it out alive and are probably dating. James Ford and Dash have also come out of the mayhem unscathed.

Sol Cantos, the renegade captain, too, is alive. In a hilarious scene, Dash bursts out of the door with the unironic question, “Who died?” In fact, several good guys die in the wake of the movie. Felix is assailed in the alien encounter, his co-officer Juda gets overtaken by aliens, and is killed by Braxton in an “executive decision.”

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When zombies that were given powers by aliens get soldiers’ guns, they can fight back. But some help from James Ford with a bazooka also helps. 53 people died at war including Officer Alex Locke. General Ryley announced the beginning of Operation Cosmic Sin and a team of soldiers took a quantum leap to get the q-bomb to another solar system. Captain Marcus is fatally wounded in the process, and General Ford is compelled to nonchalantly euthanize him.

The planet Goss is taken over by an alien called a Sigea. The Sigea created a shield around the planet. Ryle was left in space. But he convinced his fellow warriors to activate the q-bomb because they were running out of time. Ryle needs to move the bomb to the gateway of the aliens. This is also how he can close it forever. Ryle’s son Braxton carried out his father’s order and sacrificed himself to save humanity.

Is Lea Goss Dead? Are The Aliens Annihilated?

In the last scene, Lea meets Ford for a fight. But she is not herself because the aliens have taken over her brain. In the movie, aliens are called Sigea. They do not take over human bodies when they are in their hooded form. When the aliens take over a person, they erase the human’s identity. The last time we see Goss, he is fighting with Ford. They touch but they are pushed in opposite directions. Ford goes back to Ellora while Goss seems to go through the gateway to the other side.

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The end is about how the world was saved by the heroes and that people won the war with aliens. The bomb destroys planet Ellora, but the Alliance promises to rebuild it. Even though the gateway is sealed off with the explosion of the q-bomb, and the aliens are seemingly dead, the memory of Goss haunts us in the end. Ilford sees a message on the tape from Goss. It is a pre-recorded message for when this is over. Goss told Ford that they would drink after, but it seems like he has died. Ford is alone when she leaves the bar. We don’t know if she will come back for a new story.

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