Dead In The Water: AMC Release Date, Plot, Star Cast & Reviews

Deep In The Water

Dead In the Water is a psychological thriller film that tells the story of an attorney who returns to her hometown after receiving news that her mother has passed away. She soon realizes something strange is going on in the town she grew up in when she starts seeing ghosts and hearing messages from her dead mother.

When will Dead in the Water Release?

Dead In The Water was released on January 15, 2021

What is Dead in the water about?

The Dead in the Water movie on Lifetime follows Tara and Amy as they plan a vacation to a mountain house. They have many ideas for fun things to do.

Tara’s life was great. She had a job she loved and a boyfriend. But then her boyfriend broke up with her. Now Tara is very sad because she has nowhere to live or anyone to be with.

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Amy’s friend is sad. She wants to cheer her up and have fun together. They decide to go visit Amy’s parents’ lake house in the woods. She saw a man and he is very charming. He was natural and effortless so they let him into their vacation. The girls want to have some fun, so they decide to go into the woods.

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The man becomes a problem for the two friends. The man makes them both feel very angry, and they begin to not trust each other. They start to have arguments with each other and they don’t like each other anymore.

The question is if it is just two friends or if there are other things going on.

Dead In The Water follows a woman who returns to her hometown after 25 years when she learns that her sister disappeared at age 14 during a family vacation there three decades ago. When other locals turn up missing or dead under mysterious circumstances as well, it becomes clear that they are being targeted by a killer who has been around for decades.

Who will be starring in Dead in the water?

Peter Porte, Catherine Lidstone, Angela Gulner.

What are the reviews from critics?

Dead In The Waters Review: Dead In The Water has been highly anticipated since season one was confirmed by Netflix last year. It is great that this show finally made its way onto another network because not only are we getting more of what we loved from season one but there are some new characters too.”

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“This show does an amazing job of balancing comedy and drama while still maintaining enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. Dead In The Water is a must-watch for anyone who loves crime, drama, or mystery.”

” Dead In The Water is a good show and I recommend it to anyone.”


What are the reviews from viewers?

-“I liked Dead in the water, but there were some moments where they didn’t act right or felt fake.” -Brett Wray

-” Dead in the water was very believable because of its connection with current events that we experience today.” -Lauren Hartman

How will this work on AMC? (on-air date)

January 15, 2021, at 11 pm/episodes every Sunday night. Watch Dead In The Waters on AMC! Join us as we review Dead In The Water! Stay tuned for more information about when you can watch Dead in the water live streaming on AMC.

– Dead in the water will be airing on Sunday nights, at 11 pm/episodes every week until it’s finished! Dead In The Water is a great show to watch with or without friends because you get invested in the plot and characters quickly!”

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Where I can watch Dead In The Water?

Dead In The Water is airing on AMC. Dead in the water will be aired every Sunday night, at 11 pm/episodes until it’s finished!

There are many ways that you can watch Dead In The Waters online: You can purchase episodes after they air on live streaming services like Amazon Video or Hulu; through an episode rental service such as iTunes or Google Play Store; or by purchasing them from various DVD/Blu-ray retailers nationwide. Dead In The Waters airs on AMC so make sure you’re subscribed to it if you want to catch all of this amazing series!

How many episodes in Dead in the Water?

Dead in the Water has six episodes. Dead In The Waters is airing on AMC!

Why Dead in the Water is so great?

Dead In The Waters was created and written by Hannah Shakespeare, an award-winning crime writer and author of 17 novels. Dead In The Waters stars Anna Chancellor (The Hour) as Helen Taylor, Eve Best (Nurse Jackie) as Katie Spence, Philip Glenister (Life on Mars) as Detective Inspector Ian Reed, Juliet Stevenson(Pleasureland: All Around Us )as Jade Lambert and Steven Mackintosh (Sherlock Holmes & Watson).

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