Home Office Lighting for Functionality and Personality

Home Office Lighting for Functionality and Personality

The Sun is the natural source of light, energy, and life. It’s an inspiration for modern-day lightings.

The concept of home office lights for functionality and personality rests on ample, soft, and warm lighting. Nothing matches the importance of lightings in your home offices. 

Adequate lighting is crucial for better functionality when working from home offices. The good thing is that it’s an easy job that you can get done yourself, but it’s always better to hire professionals. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks to make your home office functional and look stylish.

Lighting Tips to make your Home Office more Functional

Types of Lightings for Home Office

To achieve better functionality and personality for your home office, you must consider proper, conducive, and subtle lightings.

How to go about that? 

Well, we suggest three types of lightings for your home office.

Table Lamp Sets

They are a modern, artificial version of lighting to brighten your workspace without throwing light in the remaining part of the room. It’s more like do not disturb theme.

However, you should be careful while choosing a table lamp. It should have an adjustable angular setting option to throw light in your desired place. If your table is not spacious, don’t worry. You can opt for a clamp or mounted lamp and attach it to a shelf on the desk. 

You can choose either LED, moonlight bulb, or maybe a warm yellow light when it comes to bulb or tube light options. Besides, you may consider a low-energy or energy-saver type bulbs or tube lights. 

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Table lamps sets are for desktop, coffee or corner table, etc. These will brighten your office space in a trendy way. Plus, they are very handy for late-sittings.

Their lights should not be very glaring or hard to feel. Not to mention, harsh light can cause glare on your screens, resulting in eyestrain and hence tiredness. So, avoid sharp lights.


Chandeliers have multiple lamps in different tiers. Simply the classic lighting genre, they can throw an imperious look to your home offices. They are more like a sun in the room. Chandeliers can give your home office more functionality and space altogether.

Old or classic chandeliers have mostly crystal hanging prisms to illuminate the space around. The modern chandeliers combine with translucent glass to spread morelight. Chandelier light can enhance the ambiance of your home office, resulting in increased performance and productivity. 

A chandelier lighting, also known as suspended lights, comes with an option for a wall or ceiling mounting. Although most people install it in living or bedrooms, it can sit beautifully in your home office.

Moreover, its light is more like a light-shower. You can use it often, if not daily, for meetings and gatherings at your home office.

You can also use bulbs of different light shades in the chandeliers. Ideally, you should use bulbs of uniform energy capacity and shades.

Wall Lights 

Wall lights are old fashioned but have no parallel for best light distribution. Wall lights look best at slightly above eye level to avoid glare or brightness.

Plus, wall lights have applications in every room, space, inside or outside. Wall lights can alleviate glare. So your home office is another space to go for wall lights.

What’s more, modern-day wall lightings have various advantages compared to earlier wall lights. Earlier, the wall lights used to face ceilings. Now you have multiple designs, light-facing options. This gives you the freedom to choose if you like facing-down wall lights, which can eventually reduce energy consumption as you can fix an energy-saver, or other economical energy-saving bulbs, tubes, LED, etc.

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If you are opting for an old-style wall light, their shades allow the light to beam both up and down. Thus, it gives a warm feeling and has an elegant style.

How to Optimize Lightings in your Home Office

Generally, home offices are for those who work in an effortless manner to bring out the maximum of their potential. Hence the working space for your home office should match such attitude. That said, most people are working from home these days for safety reasons.

In both cases, here are some ways to optimize the lighting in your home office for better functionality and improved productivity.

Here are some ways to optimize the lighting in your home office for better functionality and improved productivity in both cases.

Accessing Natural Light

There’s no match for natural light. You can consider how much natural light you can get in your home office through windows or other openings in walls or ceiling (if any). Then you can decide about different lighting options you may need for your home office. 

You may consider that home offices are becoming a new reality. Hence, your working attitude is more pro if your workspace has sufficient light.

Special Work Lightings

Limited workspace? Then you can opt for a desk lamp, hanging light, or a hovering light on the left or right side of your table. These work lights come with adjustable dimmers to control the intensity and angle of light and reduce its resultant glare on your screen. This can enhance your reading, writing, or working ability. 

You may note that home offices are intriguing yet more productive if you have a comfort level matching your proper office setup. Mostly in homes, you get limited space to use as an office. These working lights play an important role in getting your home office that comfort level. Their impact is soothing and ambient in your home office.

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Built-in-Cabinet Lighting

This is another idea to enhance the lighting in your workplace. You can improvise your overhead storage cabinets, filing cabinets with built-in lighting options. You can fix LED strips, energy-efficient lights in these fixtures to have variants for lighting. 

Location, Indirect Lighting

We suggest you avoid working directly under the overhead lights. Change light positions and make it an angular source of light. This will help minimize shadows directly hovering on your working table.

A light source at your back will amplify glare on your screen. Change its position to reduce its impact. In the same manner, consider your window position prior to setting up your home office.

Opting for appropriate Light Bulbs, Tubes

It will decide what kind, type, the shade of light will glow in your home office. You may select bulbs, tube lights with lighter shades. We recommend opting for light warm colors to avoid irritation or too bright lights. However, do not compromise on the energy-saving factor.

It’s highly advisable, for example, to use a fluorescent light bulb at least 30 cm away from your body.

Always choose lightings with adjustable systems to have the leverage to reduce their intensity, brightness. It also saves energy consumption. 

Do you know a person’s eyesight deteriorates after crossing 45 years of age? Hence, consider your age and decide your best lighting option.


This article is a precursor to give your home office lights functionality and personality, coupled with a professional look. Lightings play an inevitable and nonchalant role in your lifestyle and business activities. If you do not have ample lighting in your office, don’t get disappointed. We are here to help you out to enhance the lighting in your home office with a modern touch.

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