How can I activate Net banking in PNB?

How can I register mobile banking in PNB?

In order to activate Punjab National Bank Net Banking as well as mobile banking service, you just have to install official mobile app from the Google Play Store. You simply have to search for app namely ‘PNB One’ mobile banking. 

After you have successfully installed, tap on PNB icon

Being a new user who is going to create an account for the first time, you have to register as a ‘New User’. So, follow the instruction likewise

Then Tap Continue

Now there comes the series of important steps which you have to carefully adhere and follow for greater effectiveness

Now, the screen is there in front of you to enter the account number

While selecting the registration channel you should go for “Mobile and Internet Banking Services’ and just under the same out of “Chose the preferred mode of operation” you need to click on “View and Transaction” 

Thereafter, “Click on Continue”

You will be directed to a screen where you enter 16 digit number written on your debit card, followed by writing your ATM PIN. Then click on ‘Submit’

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Thereafter you enter on a page where you will be asked to create two things that is a ‘sign-in password’ along with’ transaction password. You need to consecutively confirm both of them. Then, click on “Submit”

What is user ID and password in PNB net banking?

After you have successfully registered for yourself, you will get a message denoting the same right on your screen. You will get a User Id

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How to create MPIN on PNB Mobile Banking app?

It is again very easy provided that you follow the steps as they are. Let’s know them now:-

  • Open the PNB One app on your mobile
  • You will the find the place to enter user ID, do that and then click on “Sign In” button
  • In order to authenticate the process, you will get an OTP on your mobile number. Check for the same and enter in the given space. Click on ‘Continue’
  • You need to create 4-digit MPIN for login on mobile banking app. After you have confirmed the MPIN, you will see the submit button, click on it.
  • If you have followed each and every single step as it is, then the next screen will display the success message which also proves that you have successfully completed the registration process
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Step to login into PNB Mobile Banking app

  • While you have successfully registered yourself, you will be welcomed with a greeting with your name. You will be further asked to enter 4-digit MPIN . While you do, you will reach the home page of account. 
  • While you login first time, a pop up will appear asking whether you want to set a ‘touch ID’ . Click YES, if your Smartphone has fingerprint scanner and you want to set it that way
  • When the required message tell you to place the finger on scanner, do that 
  • As the scanning is done, you will receive a message which says “Authentication Succeeded” Enter MPIN for confirmation. Click on ‘Submit’ 
  • Finally, your face will lit with smiles after receiving the message that you have successfully created ‘Touch Id’ Click on ‘Home’
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As you do, you will see the thumbnails denoting series of services

Why PNB net banking is not working?

Well, there are situations where the bank disables user id if you happen to fill login information wrong five times in a row. Hence, netbanking won’t work, but you can call the customer care number at 18001802222 for knowing the ways to enable further. 

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