How can I know my salary in PNB in HRMS?

‘Changes’ are a part of any organization where banking organizations are no exception as well. These changes are a part of important and timely adherence to keeping at par with the necessities and requirements of timely basis. As someone who is associated with Punjab National Bank, you would have come across with various modifications in order to make the banking services advanced inline with the expectations of customers. 

Knowledge is important in an age where being technology advanced is highly important since you can get updates about what is happening across the world, with regards to gadgets, tips and tricks and many more. Hence, you can refer financeclap to empower yourself with complete information.

How can I login to HRMS PNB?

  • Visit the official Net Banking namely
  • You can see a hyperlink which says ‘Click here to login into HRMS’
  • As you click on the same, a new page will open up which tells you to type in the credentials such as User ID and Password. 
  • Enter your PF Number along with password and click on ‘Sign In’ 

This is how you are able to login in few and easy steps. 

In order to derive salary slip, complete the following steps:-

  • Enter User ID and password
  • Click on ‘Sign In’
  • Check profile Data
  • You can get to see your salary 

PNB employees who don’t have account in the bank for any reason are able to access the portal related information right at their finger tips. 

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How can I download PNB Parivar app?

  • Open Google Play Store and search ‘PNB Parivar’
  • Click on ‘Install’ button and open
  • In the third step, you need to enter PF Number
  • Click Register 
  • As part of authenticating the process, you will receive OTP, enter it and set the login credentials for password and then complete the registration
  • Now, ‘click’ on login and enter HRMS application
  • Click Employee’s name at the top and click on any label (which you want to proceed with)

What is PNB Parivar?

PNB HRMS is a portal, meant to address the Human Resource related needs of the bank employees. The portal has been specially created to ease the employees in accessing the information when it comes to submitting leave online, ascertaining the current status of performance appraisal, assets and liabilities along with newspaper and petrol reimbursement. Yes, the employees are able to get the complete information while checking the ‘Employee self-service’

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Punjab National Bank has PNB Parivar App for its employees so that they can get various facilities addressed right through their fingertips from the app, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is easy for you to download the app right on your mobile device and as per the associated formalities, after authenticating your credentials, you are going to use the features. Yes, they besides being hassle free, they equally accomplish your work quickly without undergoing a lot of paper work. 

The App works best for both Android as well as iOS devices. Hence, installing it becomes way easier. Now, undergoing multiple transactions along with checking your balance with multiple additional services becomes a reality with PNB Parivar App.

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